• Nov 28, 2018

the Persian cat is quite large, and her constitution very powerful. Sometimes the adult individual can reach weight in twelve kilograms that is considered very big indicator for such animals. Ears at these representatives differ in the fact that have slightly rounded off tips, and on pads between fingers there are special bunches. Besides, this breed has very dense fluffy wool, a magnificent collar and the same tail. It is a pleasure to iron such cat because her wool cover is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch.

Breeds of cats. Persian cat

History of emergence

The first mention of similar animals was in the sixteenth century therefore the Siberian breed is considered quite ancient. Only earlier it carried other name – Bukhara. Because pets were very often transported from place to place, natural process of their crossing with the wild breeds living in the Trans-Ural region began. In such way there were also modern representatives.

The popularity to it came far not at once. In ancient times of a cat of this breed were not too appreciated and generally carried out a role, some kind of, nurses for sick people. Quite long time did not pay any attention to them, however eventually in Russia Siberians found the real admirers. Also fell in love with them and in the countries of Europe, and in America.

Breeds of cats. Persian cat

By the way, Americans called these cat's by the best breed in the world at all.

of Feature of leaving

As it was already noted earlier, Persian cats have very magnificent wool therefore the special leaving supporting a wool cover in excellent condition is necessary for them. Otherwise wool will begin to fall down and be salted. It is natural that it is regularly and carefully required to comb out the pet, and it is the best of all to get a so-called slicker brush for this purpose. Shampoo also has to be special and intend for long-haired breeds. It is worth knowing that bathing of Siberians requires two towels. Turn in one a cat to get wet, and the second already dry up – it is important besides to keep wool in perfect tune. Besides, it is necessary to include in the pet's diet special vitamins, for example, cod-liver oil.

Exist even the cat's vitamin complexes intended avoiding problems with wool.

Character of Persian cats

As ancestors of these animals were wild, certain hunting lines were also transferred to modern representatives, that is they can quite hunt for mice and rats, and even to bring to the owners larger catch Therefore this breed will be ideal for accommodation in the private house, it will be possible not to be afraid of the fact that uninvited guests will get into the room.

Breeds of cats. Persian cat

As for the character, not only adult individuals, but also even the Siberian kittens behave very quietly and frostily. Sometimes can even seem to the owner that the cat does not notice anybody around, but it means that she does not become attached to people – just she expresses the love not as other representatives of the world of cat's.

Also it should be noted endurance of this breed and the fact that it gives in to training almost also easily as dogs.

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