• Dec 25, 2018

Scientists conducted a number of researches and found out that cats were bad rats hunters. At the same time nobody challenges their ability to hunt dexterously smaller rodents. So why rats so do not attract these moustached predators? To find it out, it is necessary to know cat's psychology.

Cats — Bad Rats Hunters, and Rodents Were Cleverer than Cats

experiment Purpose

It is no secret that sharp increase in population of rats, especially in big cities, can negatively affect vital comfort of the person. They make the way to dwellings, spoil products, peregryzat conducting. The fact that these rodents are a carrier of various diseases is also known to all.

Whether It Is Worth Getting a Cat if It Is Necessary to Get Rid of Rats and Mice

People apply various poisons and chemicals to fight against these wreckers long ago, but every year their efficiency weakens therefore it is necessary to invent something new. In this "war" cultivation of cats still was considered as the only effective method. But even the way is called into question now too.

Scientists implanted the chip to hundred adult individuals of rats and let out them on in advance prepared territory. It was equipped with video cameras and motion sensors that allowed scientists to watch an experiment in real time. Then on the same territory let out sixty cats. was to establish by the Purpose:

  • as quickly moustached predators will cope with rodents;
  • what way fluffy hunters will choose;
  • to track behavior of rodents.

What there was a surprise of scientists when results of an experiment were not such at all, predictably.

The Experiment Made by Scientists, Its Results, Opinions and Conclusions of Scientists

Results of a research

It turned out that for the entire period of observation which proceeded seventy nine days moustached hunters caught only two rodents . Not that rats did not interest cats at all, attempts to catch them, of course, were.

But in connection with the increased danger rodents changed tactics of behavior and began to appear seldom on the open areas. Because of it cats preferred to hunt more easy mark, for example, on mice and birds.

Cats — Bad Rats Hunters

According to scientists, to achieve from moustached predators the best result , it was necessary to exclude other sources of food from their field of vision, and it in city conditions cannot just be made.

It is possible to increase, of course, population of cats to create the direct competition for food, but also this option is unacceptable too. A huge number of homeless animals in the conditions of the urban environment will do more harm, than advantage.

Moustached hunters will just take as a basis of the diet of city birds that will lead to reduction of their population. And also very few people will like a huge number of the cats living in cellars.

Certainly, a certain advantage in fight against these rodents of cats is — rats are afraid of them therefore they try not to appear once again where can become an easy mark. But this method works only in the conditions of small room space, for example, in the private house.

It is scientifically proved, that even one smell of the moustached hunter in the house is capable to frighten off from the dwelling all rats and mice. But the catching method their cats is not suitable for industrial destruction of these wreckers.

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