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of the Cat. They are gentle and graceful and almost leave nobody indifferent. These animals are ideal for accommodation in the city apartment. One of the few problems which their owners face — close attention of pets to window plants therefore it is very important to know everything about plants, dangerous to cats. Otherwise the animal can get a serious poisoning.

Dangerous Plants for Cats

Greens in a diet of a cat

Greens in a Diet of a Cat

The interest of these pets in flowers on a window sill has genetic roots. Greens make a part of a diet of their wild relatives, their main food — birds and rodents whom animals of the cat family absorb entirely. The stomach is not able to digest completely such production therefore its needs to be exempted constantly from its remains . The grass helps to cause vomiting, irritating digestive tract of an animal.

It is worth to remember also that because of frequent licking of own body pets swallow of the wool. Collecting in a stomach, it rolls down in the lumps capable to cause intestinal impassability. This problem of a cat is solved with the help of the same greens, getting it from a window sill.

Unfortunately, animals do not understand what plants for them are safe and what can lead to death. Therefore each owner has to have the relevant information and not put the pet at unnecessary risk.

Dangerous plant species

There is a lot of plants containing substances, harmful to cats, in the structure.

Some poisons work at once, and many gradually collect in the pet's organism, imperceptibly worsening his health. To affect negatively health of a cat both room, and wild cultures can affect.

Dangerous Plant Species

Window plants

The list of the house plants poisonous for cats is rather big. Therefore for a start it is necessary to try to remember at least their most popular types. Here cultures of which it is better for owners of cats to get rid:

Flower Azalea

Plant Ficus

  1. Azalea . The toxicity of this flower can compete to its beauty. It is all about the most dangerous alkaloid with which the plant is rich. Its poison is capable to do much harm to not only cats, but also people. It acts on central nervous system that is fraught with spasms, problems with digestion, developing of laryngeal edemata and also violation of a warm rhythm.
  2. the Dieffenbachia, a spathiphyllum and other aroidny are characterized by the high content of oxalic acid. It causes the burns of mucous membranes of a mouth and throat capable to lead to hypostases which can complicate intake of oxygen. As a result of it the animal can choke. Because of contact of acid with eyes conjunctivitis and defeats of a cornea develops.
  3. Geranium and aloe . Substances which contain in their leaves harm a stomach and cause digestive frustration. Plants with bright red colors are especially dangerous.
  4. the Hippeastrum and other amarillisovy are dangerous that, having tried them, the cat falls a victim of allergic dermatitis, it begins vomiting and diarrhea, and sometimes and spasms.
  5. Ficuses, euphorbias, codiaeum, poinsettia and other euforbiya . In their juice the euforbina is a lot of. This dangerous poison at hit in eyes leaves burns on mucous that often leads to a blindness. Also poison causes severe diarrhea and central nervous system harms.
  6. Oleander, катарантус, mandevilla . In leaves of these plants there are enough alkaloids and glycosides in order that the pet got a serious poisoning which can end with cardiac arrest.
  7. Cyclamen . It is dangerous because of the content of toxins which main part is concentrated in a root part of a flower. Poison irritates a stomach that is fraught with death of an animal.
  8. Plumose asparagus . Leaves, stalks, and especially berries of this culture are saturated sapogeniny, leading to vomiting, stomach pain and inflammation of integuments.

Garden and field cultures

Plants, harmful to cats, can be found also outside the apartment, for example, at the dacha or in the forest. And if owners whose pets do not leave the house, think that their cats in this case are insured from poisoning, they are deeply mistaken. Such flowers can get to the apartment together with a usual bouquet or other ways. Here the most widespread cultures from the list:

Tulips, and Narcissuses.

  • Tulips, lilies, narcissuses. Poison is not only in leaves and bulbs of flowers, but also in pollen;
  • Gladioluses. Their most dangerous part — a bulbous tuber therefore it is necessary to store such material before landing in the place, inaccessible for a cat;
  • Ipomey. The harmful substances which are available in leaves and stalks of this bindweed are capable to enter an animal into a condition of the strongest excitement and to cause disorder of digestion;
  • Tomatoes. Though the use of their leaves is not deadly to a pet, the weakness, delay of warm rhythms and heavy extent of gastric frustration is guaranteed to it;
  • Chrysanthemum. Consumption of its leaves leads to salivation strengthening, vomiting, a diarrhea, dermatitis.

Ways of protection of the pet

The simplest option which guarantees preservation of life and health to the favourite — to remove from the house all houseplants poisonous for cats. But some owners of animals do not want to get rid of them for various reasons. On this case there is a number of the recommendations allowing to protect to cats access to poisonous flowers. Among them is such councils as:

As It Is Necessary to Place Plants

To plant greens, useful to cats,

  1. To place plants in inaccessible for animal places. For example, in a cachepot on walls or high cases.
  2. To close window sills with flowerpots curtains from dense heavy fabric, without leaving for a cat of pass. This option not always helps as pets quite cunning and can quite find a hole.
  3. To spray pots with special means from pet-shop which will frighten off from them excessively curious moustached friends.
  4. To use vinegar, a citrus freshener or orange and lemon crusts as an otpugivatel.
  5. To part flowers which smell is unpleasant the representative of the cat family. It is a magnolia vine, citrus fruit crops, каламондин, a ponderoza, dog колеус.
  6. To place between plants pots with cactuses.
  7. To plant greens, useful to cats, and to regularly update crops. The majority of animals will like sprouts of wheat, a melissa, oats, barley and mint.

The conscientious owner will save the pet from poisoning with house plants, poisonous for cats.

The main thing not to forget to address in case of need the veterinarian, but not to wait that health of the favourite will be restored in itself.

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