• Oct 24, 2018

Sense of Smell — the Major Component in Life of a Cat of the Cat are lovely house beings who go on four legs and loudly purr. They have a small nose of triangular shape which for a cat has huge value in the nature.

the Nose will warn about danger

Sense of Smell — the Major Component in Life of a Cat Knows that the organ of smell is a nose. In the nature it plays an important role for communication with the environment. At cats that part of a brain which is responsible for sense of smell is, much more, than other parts in head bark. Its unique scent gives the chance to determine to a cat her location and also, by a smell, a location of the person, acquaintance by it. Also the sense of smell gives the chance to distinguish that female who possesses strong desire to pairing. Besides the unique scent of a cat allows to warn her about danger, giving the chance to avoid it. Thanks to the nose cats are inclined to obtain information on the cooked food. Especially well the cat catches smells of nitrogen-containing substances. It gives her the chance to distinguish the spoiled food from fresh.

of the Cat with great success investigate water on a smell and taste and need receiving fresh clear water.

Structure of a nose

The nose of a cat has triangular shape, not really big by the size and different in color. Color scale of a nose is various: both light pink, and black, and dark gray. Above this nice wet nose there is a so-called back of a nose which is both narrow, and wide, is dependent on the structure of a nose. In the left and right nostrils of a cat the nasal courses in which the accumulated smells are formed are located. In the basis of a mouth of a cat so-called Yakobsonov body settles down. Thanks to it these representatives of the cat family sensitively react to any changes of weather: rain, snow, hail, etc.; and also can expect the coming cataclysms: earthquake, flood and similar accidents. When the cat ridiculously involves in herself air, she concentrates the attention on a certain smell. When she, starting a lunch, long sniffs it means that it determines food temperature by means of sense of smell. If the cat has a rest, she can act as good hydrometeorological center as she unmistakably determines air temperature around herself.

Sense of Smell — the Major Component in Life of a Cat

Cat's signs

Still for a long time it is known: if the cat curled up a ball – it means that to her it is cold and ambient temperature is not rather comfortable. And if the cat purrs enough, yawning and with pleasure stretching, air temperature her completely means arranges also in the room warmly and comfortably. To save the owner from foreign smells, the cat with pleasure rubs about legs.

Sense of Smell — the Major Component in Life of a Cat

the Owner mistakenly is enraptured, thinking that the cat expresses the gratitude and love.

Reaction of a cat to plants

All representatives of the cat family are enraptured with a plant which in the people is called" cat's mint". To these plants свойствен strong pronounced aroma with thin notes of a lemon. It grows parallel to the earth and is spread by a green carpet. Having guessed this flower aroma, cats begin to mew and ride loudly on a grass.

Sense of Smell — the Major Component in Life of a Cat

It is also known that cats are not indifferent also to a valerian. This officinal grass is applied to the person as sedative. However for cats it causes absolutely opposite reaction, acting on them is exciting. If the cat hears a smell of this plant, she will begin to jump at once and to mew loudly. But sometimes, in the medical purposes, the cat is given a valerian, for example, for treatment of a stomach. The main thing – not to go too far, otherwise it is possible to gain not desirable effect.

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