• Nov 26, 2018

Though cats were also not always held in high esteem at people, now they are considered as a symbol of a cosiness and heat in the house. But why not all wish to get this lovely, noble animal? Because of big dislike? Most often many people just are afraid of diseases or dirt, but whether it is correct?

Whether It Is Worth Getting a Cat?

Pluses of cats


Almost all cats are sick with toxoplasmosis, but despite it, they perfectly feel so the help of the veterinarian is not necessary to them. The animal owner surely catches and usually as well as the pet, feels well, besides gains lifelong immunity to this disease.

Strong heart

At the owner of a cat the risk of death from heart attack is lower for the whole 30%! Scientists have no explanation for it, only guesses — cats promote a comfortable situation in the house, stresses are transferred easier.

Who knows, maybe, these lovely creatures and the truth are able to treat?


Tender purr, a clever look and a smooth hair — what can be better after heavy day of work? Cats also promote reduction of conflictness in family. And about feeling of loneliness it is possible to forget if such friend is near.

Whether It Is Worth Getting a Cat?

Say goodbye to rodents!

It is known that the cat family — predators, pets did not become an exception. Even the most gentle kitty will surely show the skills of the hunter. Especially it is important for a country house.

Minuses of cats

Questions of hygiene

However many haters of cats spoke, at the corresponding leaving of a smell from cats is not present. But it is worth seeing to it about a tray in advance: it is easier to accustom a kitten, than an adult cat; also and with water procedures — kittens can get used to water, and, so then they will like to bathe. On clothes it is possible to get rid of wool by means of the sticky roller, it is desirable to comb the favourite more often; it is possible to prevent the scratched furniture purchase of a kogtetochka.

Material aspect

A forage, filler for a tray, campaigns to the veterinarian — if are problems with money, then the animal will aggravate these problems. Before getting "animal", it is necessary to count whether the family budget will sustain additional loading. Also means will be necessary for leaving: and depriving special shampoos, hairbrushes, means from fleas, worms, separate towels and there are a lot of other important things. And that there were no additional problems, many owners of a cat will sterilize the favourite.


The most powerful reason for refusal of a cat — presence of an allergy to wool at someone from family members. Before taking an animal, it is worth being convinced of absence of an allergy. But if symptoms appeared when the cat already lives in the house, it is possible to begin to take the special drugs, previously having consulted with the expert. Unfortunately, there are no hypoallergenic breeds.

Whether It Is Worth Getting a Cat?

If in the house is the child

You should not worry concerning asthma at the child — presence of a cat in the house will reduce risk of a disease, the organism begins to develop antibodies, they will save both from asthma, and from allergens of a cat — wool and dust. And it is especially important for girls, then during pregnancy there will be no complications (toxoplasmosis is dangerous to a fruit).

Care of the pet will cultivate responsibility and patience in the child, will present joy.

To get a cat or not — the independent choice of each person, but it is worth discussing it with family members in advance. It is necessary to be ready to efforts, it is unreasonable to take a kitten if someone from members of household does not want to take care, especially, when emergence in the house of an animal disturbs him, strains.

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