• Jan 11, 2019

of the Cat — animals special: they prefer not to show the emotions. Even if they will strongly be frightened or will become nervous, they will be able easily to hide it that to speak then about joy. Moreover, the person who is almost not familiar with their habits can think that they constantly are nervous and are dissatisfied. But the real fans know how it is possible to understand that your cat is happy.

How to Understand that Your Cat Is Happy

Purr and other sounds

All know that, when the cat purrs , it expresses the happiness though It should be noted that it can make such sounds not only at the pleasure moments. For example, the pet already aged can purr when individuals approach them more young to show that the conflict is not planned.

When the Cat Purrs

Also cats often calm themselves by means of purr when begin to be nervous. But the pleasure, as well as miaow is the main sign of such vibration.

For example when it comes into the room and sees the owner, she melodiously speaks to him "Meow!" what often means: "I am so glad to see you! I deserved a little caress and heat for it?".

Shuffle by pads

It is possible to call it massage from a pet . Still say that the pet:

  • "kneads dough";
  • does "free acupuncture";
  • "plays a piano".

When the Cat Is Trampled Down

How called this process, its essence will remain to the same. The same movements are done also by newborn kittens when suck milk. Its inflow increases at this time.

If to take in attention what pleasure is felt by kittens when they receive the first food, it is easy to assume that such movement, but already at more mature age speaks about the moments of the highest pleasure: to them it is very comfortable, they feel safe.

of Swish

Swishes of a Cat

About a tail of the pet it is possible to tell with confidence: it is its most talkative body. And it not just like that: it is continuation of a backbone, through it there is a spinal cord. The tail performs a large number of functions to which receipt of signals from the parts of a brain which are responsible for emotions also belongs.

The main signal of happiness and pleasure it is possible to call the tail raised by a column with confidence. It like a flag over own house, symbolizes its power over the room: it is sure that she is in perfect security. Also the podragivaniye of a tip of a tail can say that the cat is glad to meet the owner.

About what can tell a tail? Except joyful emotions, the tail can show many feelings. can tell Different provisions of a tail about different conditions of the pet:

Different Provisions of a Tail of a Cat

  • pleasure, friendliness and trust;
  • doubts;
  • ignoring of presence of the person: "To me to spit on you now!";
  • trembling of a tail: "I am very glad to see you!";
  • friendliness with an uncertainty shade;
  • feeling of confidence in the safety;
  • aggression for the sake of protection;
  • when the tail "sweeps" the floor — the cat sickens;
  • the tail is fluffed strongly up — an animal in aggression;
  • feeling of trust and worship;
  • the tail twitches — the cat is interested in a situation, but is strained.

Not only cats can blink from pleasure , but also people . But if the person does it only because of physical satisfaction, at animals, in particular, at cats, it bears broader definition.

Cats can blink

When the pet narrows eyes, he completely trusts the owner. It means that he really loves the person. That the pet understood that the owner reciprocates to it, it can do the same, looking at it.

A condition of happiness at cats at all not such, as at the person. They have to be in safety, with them it is necessary to play, feed is, in fact, a little everything that is necessary for them for happiness. So, the owner will have no difficulties to make the favourite of family happy. And it, you see, does and is a little bit happier than the owner.

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