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for cats, by means of them the animal holds production in a mouth, eats, defends in dangerous situations, holds hygienic events (gnaws the got stuck garbage and koltuna). Therefore the period of change of teeth at kittens belongs to one of the most important vital stages of growing. That this process took place without noticeable discomfort both for the pet, and for surrounding people, it is important to owner to understand his features.

When Teeth at a Kitten Change

Terms of eruption and change of teeth

Kittens are born without teeth. The last begin to be cut through already several weeks later. Cutters, further canines after which painters and premolyara are shown the first. According to norms, this process has to come to the end by two months when at an animal 26 teeth are cut through. At this time kids gradually begin to eat firm food, but also do not refuse milk.

Change of Teeth at Cats

It is important to understand that when at kittens milk teeth change, it is necessary to watch it carefully. At emergence of any, even insignificant, problems it is required to use consultation of the veterinarian. If owners plan to distribute kids to new owners, then it is desirable to carry out it or prior to change process, or after its end (during this period their organism is weakened, and additional loadings and stressful situations can negatively affect health).

Usually change of milk teeth at kittens begins at four-months age. At the same time the sequence of emergence of new is identical to sequence of eruption of the first set. As a result the cat has to have only 30 teeth which number increases due to growth of four painters at the edges of a jaw. At adult pets is:

  • on six cutters on the upper and lower jaws;
  • on two canines from above and from below;
  • six premolyar on lower and four on the upper jaw;
  • on two painters above and below.

Radical cutters usually appear in 3.5−4.5 months and serve for a food hvataniye. Dealing with at what age at kittens canines change, It is necessary to tell that it occurs in 5 months. The animal uses canines for breaking of production In 4 — 6 months painters and the premolyara intended for cutting up of food are cut. On reaching the kid of 7-month age all process of replacement stops and with a new set of teeth the pet will live the remained life.

of Feature of course of process

The beginning of germination of molars can be determined by two main symptoms: the gum of the pet inflames, and from a mouth saliva constantly flows. at the same time all procedure occurs wavy:

When the Cat Changes Teeth

  1. Tooth ripens and within several days presses on backs of dairy.
  2. Further there is a change of canines of kittens with dairy on radical.
  3. Gum is restored, but in several days everything repeats already with other tooth.

The kid can refuse meal at this time that helps it to avoid pain. However the pet takes great pain to scratch gums for what can use practically any subject: forage, toy, owner's hands, slippers and other. To find the dropped-out tooth very difficult. Usually the animal simply swallows it that is connected with anatomic features of his chewing device.

At cats the picture when the second tooth already grew is quite often observed, and dairy did not drop out yet. It is quite normal as radical copies appear not from the same holes, as dairy. If there is no traumatizing a lip or an opposite gum, it is possible just to wait when the unnecessary canine drops out without someone's help.

Survey of the Veterinarian

While kittens have a change of teeth, it is necessary to give them an opportunity to gnaw something provided for this purpose. Pet-shops suggest to get special toys, the dried-up veins or ears. It is possible to use also small boiled-down stone, but only not tubular that the pet was not wounded.

For simplification of a fate of the kid some veterinarians register processing of his gums the special dental gels intended for children. They can be got in any drugstore. Not bad proved also cooling teethers filled by cold water.

of the Situation, the demanding addresses to the veterinarian

Often owners strongly worry about a condition of the favourite during change of teeth at it. Therefore quite often bring absolutely healthy pets to the veterinarian. Doctors usually quite loyally treat such situations, it is better to be convinced that with a kitten everything be all right, than to start a real-life problem. the Help of the veterinarian is necessary in such cases:

How to Look After Teeth of a Cat

  • the pet is too sluggish;
  • because of tooth wounds in a mouth are formed;
  • the gum is very inflamed;
  • the kid within a day refuses food;
  • the wound in the place where before the milk tooth was located suppurates;
  • the animal constantly worries and cannot fall asleep;
  • from a mouth there is an unpleasant smell;
  • up to 7 months not all milk teeth dropped out though the complete set of radical was already cut through;
  • the kitten of more than a day does not go to a tray.

Before eruption of second teeth it is better to get advice of the veterinarian about a diet of the kid. Addition to a forage of phosphorus and calcium becomes frequent the recommendation of the doctor, but at the same time it is necessary to be careful as the excessive use of minerals renders the raised load of kidneys.

Providing comfortable conditions for a kitten

Change of Teeth at Cats

In the period of a teething the owner has to see to it protecting the kid from unnecessary stressful situations. Therefore it is desirable to prevent frequentations of housing by guests and foreign people, to protect it from communication with children. It is also not necessary to plan for this time various repairs, shifts, moving and trips.

When at kittens teeth change, they begin to gnaw practically any things which they can reach. Kids do it not of harm and to scratch gums. You should not abuse them for small pranks. It is necessary just to hide what should not be spoiled, to the inaccessible place. It is also desirable to remove objects which pieces the pet is capable to swallow that those did not get stuck in a digestive tract.

It is important to take care of the wires which are in free access. The last fix so that it was inconvenient to kid to gnaw them. It first of all concerns various cords from a zaryadok, computer mice, extenders and other.

The Name of Teeth at Cats

Securities together with documents need to be hidden reliably in a case , otherwise they can fall prey of the unruly pet. Plastic bags also should not be not on the places as, being swallowed, are capable to cause an indigestion or intestinal impassability in a kitten.

You should not allow the pet to gnaw bags and street footwear. It is important not only because of possible damage of things, but also because on them harmful microorganisms and eggs of worms accumulate. After such "meal" the favourite can seriously get sick.

The kitten is almost full member of family. Therefore owners have to care for his health and health. That the animal was vigorous and cheerful during such period of life, difficult for it, is important to learn to look after correctly the kid and to pay attention to any changes in his behavior.

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