• Jan 22, 2019

The fact that cats like to sniff master's street and slippers, it is known long ago. The owners of animals who found the pets behind this occupation quite often suspect them of bad and hide sneakers with slippers far away. These precautionary measures are not deprived of the basis. But the idea about insidiousness of the cats pissing in boots in revenge for the fact that they were driven from a sofa, causes only laughter in felinologists. Experts explain what attracts cats in slippers.

Kitten in a Slap

of the Reason of interest in footwear

The unclear interest of the cat's tribe in sweaty master's footwear, unwashed socks and shabby to slippers raises many questions.

Cats with pleasure smell and even lick these not palatable objects.

there Are several explanations of strange behavior of animals:

What Attracts Cats in Slippers

  1. Surprisingly but the smell of human sweat reminds cats a valerian smell. Quite often they get into dirty sneakers and with ecstasy inhale their "fragrance".
  2. Footwear of the person who walks down the street absorbs a set of smells of various places. As cats by the nature are very curious, they need to get more information of master's walk. Therefore they by all means will sniff at footwear of the person who came from the street.
  3. Cats lick sweaty footwear and shabby socks because they are attracted by the salt which is available in them. It is known that representatives of cat's love salty . They will not miss an opportunity to elicit a herring piece at the person. Manufacturers of forages of cat's forages always add to the products a little salt for improvement of appetite of animals.
  4. At cat's there is a rule — to mark the territory and objects which are in it. They strictly watch safety of the tags and in need of them renew. When the owner long walks down the street, tags on footwear are erased, and the cat rubs about his boots that anew to mark everything.
  5. The simplest explanation — the purring pets love the owner and with pleasure inhale its smell.

Denial of myths

The person can attribute to animals own shortcomings. So there was a myth about vindictiveness of cats.

But actually these animals are not capable of revenge for that simple reason that they have no abstract thinking, they cannot develop and carry out the artful plan.

Cat in Slippers

Cats live and think in one stage , only what occurs here and now is important for them. But these animals well remember things and events which caused unpleasant feelings, such as pain and stress. This their feature — a necessary condition of survival of a look.

the Cat can really pee in footwear of the person unpleasant to it who once stepped it on a tail or talked just loudly and swung hands. But it is caused not by the fact that the animal decided to revenge. Thus the murlyka replaces the smell of "enemy" irritating and causing a stress with own. It calms her and causes feeling of safety.

Also it can mark the favourite chair in which the guest sat: its own smell will be blocked by the stranger.

It is difficult to learn for certain why cats are attracted or pushed away by these or those things. These animals, as well as people, have own character and addictions . To understand what is pleasant to the four-footed pet and that causes fear and a stress, it is necessary to be attentive to his behavior and to respect its personal space.

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