• Nov 13, 2018

What Needs to Be Considered upon Purchase of a Cat Upon purchase of a cat the choice what animal to take, a little kitten or already adult animal rises that remained without owners. And here it is necessary to be able to understand what to pay attention to appearance or to features of breeds to. During purchase of a cat, after all it is necessary to consider all making factors. Also it is necessary to remember that we buy not ornament for the house, and almost that family member.

What Needs to Be Considered upon Purchase of a Cat Sometimes people claim that it is impossible to predict character of cats, but it not so. Formation of character usually comes to an end by first year. If there is a wish to see how the small peeping lump will turn into a beautiful animal, it is necessary to get a kitten. But at the same time to be going to give it plenty of time and attention.

It is better for people who do not want all this vanity to get an adult cat, it which is already able to behave in house conditions.

Differences in behavior of cats and cats are always evident. Cats very much like to be in close proximity to people, but can not admit to themselves none of house.

What Needs to Be Considered upon Purchase of a Cat At that time, the cat always expresses attachment and love to the owner, she gently treats children. So though it is considered how many cats, are so much also characters, all the same the behavior of a cat is more or less predictable.

The set of breeds turned out by means of crossing. Now contain more than hundred various cat's breeds which differ with features of character and appearance.

Proceeding from breeds it is possible to divide animals as follows:

  1. Sociable animals who prefer close communication with the person. They can easily be defined to the fact that all of them time make sounds of various degree of loudness. If them on long to leave some, begin to show the character and their behavior does not give in to monitoring.
  2. The animals having strong nervous system who have balanced character, and the correct reaction to courtesies from children and adults. They do not need constant attention. Can if it is required to entertain itself. They perfectly get on with children.
  3. Very clearly, showing independence. Ancestors of the majority of cats such прод are ancient cats. It is possible to refer May-kunov, Persians and the British to such breeds. They contemptuously belong to excessive attention in the address, and recognize only one owner. If to choose the animal belonging to any of this breeds as a pet, then you should not wait from him for special love. His most important hobby, it to watch from outside life in the house.

What Needs to Be Considered upon Purchase of a Cat Where can get the representative of cat's. In a world wide web there is a set of the websites where itself can choose the favourite. If there is a wish to estimate appearance when choosing an animal, it is possible to attend exhibitions of animals, various fairs. But not in all cities they are available.

When choosing a kitten should pay attention to its appearance, it has to be moderately well-fed, have live gloss in eyes, excitedly consider everything. The slackness and weakness demonstrate presence of any disease.

At sale of a kitten, the seller has to tell about features of breed, its positive and negative lines.

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