• Jan 24, 2019

of the Cat so strongly entered human life that for many owners they become something like children or family members. They are fed, combed out, talk, as to the child: praise or gently rebuke for the brought dead mouse or the scratched wall-paper. People do not represent any more how they will live without the murlyk. Much owners do not even suspect that on mind at a cat. How to read the favourite's thoughts, experts explain.

How to Read Thoughts of the Favourite of a Cat

Attitude of cats towards owners

Many owners, and especially hostesses, consider themselves nearly "mothers" of the cats. This manifestation of anthropomorphism — tendency inherent in people to allocate animals with human qualities. of Loveful owners мурлык quite often upsets when they find out that their pets do not reciprocate also hotly their feelings. This results from the fact that cats, unlike dogs, are still close to wild relatives. They are not up to the end cultivated.

What Cats and Cats Think of

The matter is that from cats it was never required to be close to people. From them did not wait for mutual understanding and held only to get rid of rats and mice. If the dog participated in hunting and had to understand and execute commands of owners, then cats led the parallel life. They protected human housing from rodents, and in it there was their main task. These animals were even especially not fed, they were on "self-sufficiency".

Not so long ago people had a need for emotional communication with a cat. Today houses prefer to support not furious half-civilized rodents, and darlings hunters house мурлык, not always capable and persons interested to catch at least one mouse. But the psychology of cats did not exchange. In soul they, as before, remain free, and owners for them — not the center of the world. When the cat, ignoring appeals of the owner, watches a birdie or a neighbour's cat, it is not necessary to think: "he does not love me". He loves, just he has the life.

Signals of pets having a tail

How to understand these mysterious мурлык how to learn their feelings and moods? For this purpose it is necessary to watch signals which are given by four-footed pets. Expression of their muzzles, the movement of tails, ears and the made sounds can tell about much. the Cat's tail reflects mood of the hostess:

Thoughts of Cats and Cats

  1. If the cat wants to eat or just wishes to attract attention, she bends a tail as the question mark.
  2. The raised and sharply curved tail means that it is better to steer clear of an animal. It is adjusted aggressively.
  3. Strongly angry murlyka sharply waves a tail tip here and there. It does the same when hunts for a mouse.
  4. At the attacking animal the tail becomes firm. If the cat widely drives it here and there, it shows that she is frightened or feels danger.
  5. If the cat needs to retire, she hides a look, raises a tail up and hasty leaves the room.

The cat's muzzle does not possess such rich mimicry, as at a dog.

But according to her it is also possible to understand a lot of things:

  1. The aggressive-minded animal stares. His moustaches stick out forward, ears are pressed to the head, pupils strongly are narrowed and become vertical.
  2. If the cat is ready to rush for the opponent, it widely opens a mouth, bares teeth and gums.
  3. At the scared cat pupils extend. If she is quiet and serene, eyes are covered, the internal eyelid becomes visible.
  4. The movements of ears are also eloquent. If the cat presses intense ears to sides - it is caution, back — is afraid of something, drives them to the right and to the left — became interested in something curious.

Gestures of a cat also matter. They express to the following:

How to Learn about What the Cat Thinks

  1. The animal curves a back an arch and straightens paws — gives to the opponent a signal that that cleaned up away.
  2. If the kitty wants to draw attention of the owner, she is curved, straightens a tail and persistently rubs about his legs. At the same time she purrs and mews. You should not ignore its signals, it is necessary to answer them with caress. The cat quickly becomes attached to such owners and faithfully loves them.

of Value of sounds

How to Understand the Pet

To strengthen signals of a body, murlyk accompany them with sounds. Most often they publish miaow, but it contains such range of emotions that it is difficult to understand it. These sounds can express a request, the requirement and indignation, and practically with the same intonation.

it is simpler to understand Purring: thus the cat expresses the sympathy for owners, shows that their society is pleasant to it. Often animals purr when they lick themselves or when are quiet and full.

At this moment they even begin to hum. But it is better not to touch the hissing cat — it boils from rage and is ready to attack.

If to pay attention to the four-footed favourite and to analyze his behavior, then it is easily possible to decipher the signals given by it. The main thing — to love the cat or a kitty, and they will answer with devoted attachment. In this case it will be easy to come into mutual contact with animals.

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