• Dec 1, 2018

Sphinxes – very unusual cat breed which does not remain unnoticed. For someone it is the greatest breed which can only exist. But some people consider sphinxes ridiculous, strange or even nasty, and these cats cause a panic in some. But if the person decides to become the owner of the representative of this extraordinary breed, it is important to know, how exactly to look after the pet to provide him long, healthy and happy life.

Basic Rules of Care of Sphinxes

Hygiene of sphinxes

The main feature of cats of this breed as it is easy to notice – lack of indumentum. Skin of sphinxes hot and very gentle to the touch, and it needs permanent care. These cats have property to sweat constantly and if not to purify their skin regularly, then pets will look dirty and soiled. Also it is connected with the fact that the leather cover of sphinxes is full of sebaceous glands which almost constantly excrete lubricant as protection against external influence. To clean the pet, it is necessary to wipe accurately his skin with wet alcohol-free towel wipes or the rag moistened in water. In the winter the body of an animal becomes covered by small hairs for heat preservation. During the summer period cats adore basking in the sun, but it is necessary to watch duration of this process, long influence of beams can negatively affect sensitive skin of sphinxes.

On a mucous membrane within a day at cats brown allocations collect. It is norm, eyelashes which could protect eyes, at sphinxes are absent, and these allocations need to be deleted by means of the piece of cotton wool or a wadded disk moistened in tea tea leaves or infusion of a camomile. At the same time it is necessary to wipe an eye from its external corner to internal, and not vice versa, not to bring an infection. But if allocations gain yellow color, the characteristic purulent smell or their quantity sharply increases, it is worth beginning to worry.

Basic Rules of Care of Sphinxes

It can demonstrate inflammatory processes, and is better not hesitate and at once address the veterinarian.

Ears of sphinxes quickly become soiled from within therefore it is necessary to clean accurately them with the Q-tip moistened in hydrogen peroxide. It is necessary to remove dirt only at the very beginning of an auricle accidentally not to touch eardrums of an animal. For teeth it is necessary to pick up a soft toothbrush or a gauze and to brush the favourite's teeth children's toothpaste.

Food of sphinxes

Lack of indumentum – the reason of the accelerated metabolism of sphinxes. Therefore their food allowance has to be a bit different, than at other representatives of the cat family. There is a number of instructions which should be carried out for drawing up the balanced plan of food of the pet:

  • it is necessary to feed a kitten 7-8 times a day, about 3-4 meals a day will be enough for an adult animal;
  • for improvement of a gastrointestinal tract it is necessary to give whenever possible food to a sphinx at the same time;
  • it is impossible to exclude these or those vitamins and minerals from a diet;
  • it is necessary to solve at once, the menu of the pet will consist of natural or ready-made feeds, the mixed food will only do much harm to bodies of digestive tract;
  • water has to be clean, and it is necessary to change it regularly.

If it was decided to feed a sphinx with natural products, then it is impossible to save on it. It is necessary to buy qualitative and fresh products. Meat in a crude or boiled look has to make the main part of a diet. The use of fish is infrequently allowed. Fermented baked milk and sour cream also have to be in the menu of the pet. However you should not offer milk to an adult cat, his small amount will be useful only for kittens. Stewed vegetables, such as carrots, vegetable marrows and pumpkin take place in respect of food.

Basic Rules of Care of Sphinxes

Egg white is undesirable to inclusion in food, it is better to give to a cat a yolk.

Care of a sphinx – the occupation demanding patience and time. But if kindly to treat an animal and to look after him with love, his owner will shortly receive invaluable return in the form of attachment and purring near by.

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