• Jan 27, 2019

of the Cat feel deep affection for the house therefore an exit out of limits of native walls — already a stress what to speak about departure from the city. And if the trip in public transport is necessary, then it is the real cat's nightmare at all. The owner who was going to travel with a cat in the car first of all needs to calm the scared animal.

Cat in the Car how to Calm the Scared Animal

Objects to the road

The first that needs to be bought, is carrying. The range of specialized shops strikes with the abundance: the carryings of different flowers and the sizes made of different materials are on sale. To choose happens very difficult. of the Product happen two types:

Objects to the Road

  • Fabric . They are soft, it is comfortable to animal to be in such carryings. But they have an essential shortcoming: the kitty can tear a grid therefore it is impossible to let out the pet from a look.
  • Plastic . Such carryings will be useful in case the cat goes in the luggage compartment or if the owner has no opportunity to track it for some other reason. Minus is in what in this carrying is cold.

Carrying has to be rather spacious. Besides, there it is possible to put a cat's tray, and from above to cover it with a pillow, thanks to this owner of the pet it will not be necessary to carry a toilet separately.

If the trip on public transport is necessary, it is desirable to buy a breast-band with a lead, there can be a need to get an animal. It will allow it to investigate surrounding space.

Cat traveler

Cat traveler

Just before a trip it is better not to feed an animal with . In way it is desirable not to forget to give to drink to the pet. To pour water in a pan, being in transport, it is problematic therefore it is possible to use the syringe, pouring in it little by little in waters in a cat's mouth. If the trip is planned, then will be useful one week prior to estimated date of a trip to begin to give to a pet soothing.

Further actions of the owner depend on what transport was chosen for a trip. If the cat goes by car, then it is important not to allow it to go on salon, it can jump out in a window, run under a brake pedal. If the animal is in carrying, it is necessary to watch that when braking it did not fall from seats. The best decision will be if someone takes carrying on hands.

For those who preferred to choose the train the ticket and the reference for a cat (behind the document it is necessary to see the veterinarian) is necessary. These pets, as a rule, do not love strangers therefore it is better to go in a separate compartment. In way they usually sleep or look out of the window. It is possible to let out a cat from carrying only if the owner behind it attentively looks.

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