• Jan 18, 2019

of People, made the decision to get a kitten, cannot often be defined whom to choose — a cat or a cat. The choice this quite difficult, the fluffy lump should become a part of family. There is a set of the stereotypes having nothing in common with reality, but nevertheless there are some features which will help to be defined.

Down with stereotypes

Many heard that cats are quieter and tender while cats are animal vainglorious and aggressive. But some sources, on the contrary, claim that girls are independent, and boys are sociable. To whom to trust? In this case you should not rely on others opinions. behavior of an animal depend not only on sex, it is affected by the following factors:

  • Character.
  • Breed.
  • Education.

Life to a Cat

A fact of common knowledge — cats mark the territory, but and females arrive also. During puberty animals seek for reproduction of posterity, and for this purpose they need the partner whom they also attract thus.

It is considered that males spoil furniture more often, than females, but also these are slanders. Both those, and others do it during search of the sexual partner.

All problems connected with reproduction can be solved by sterilization. If animals continue to spoil furniture and to mark the territory, most likely, there are omissions in education.

Pets of both sexes very much like to play, these animals long since are hunters therefore they need to put excess of energy somewhere. And here their independence in this question depends on breed. For example, Siamese cats do not invite the person to play, and the majority of other cats will not refuse the company of the owner.

what a floor influences

The sex cannot but have any influence on an animal. Comparison of a male and female:

Whom to Choose a Cat or a Cat

  • of the Cat, as a rule, concede to cats in the size ;
  • of the Kitty is tidier than the fellows therefore cats have more unpleasant smell. Girls find for the purity more time, lick the hair for hours, but if owners well look after the boy, then his smell will not disturb them;
  • Cats seek to become the head of the family while cats try to achieve the objectives, without entering open confrontation with people;

Cat or cat

The Choice of a Kitten for House Education

Choosing between a cat and a kitty, it is better for person to rely on personal needs , without forgetting at the same time about the known distinctions. A choice needs to be made so that nobody regretted about it: neither owner, nor pet. It is worth to remember that the animal is not a fluffy toy, not an accessory, this is the family member, heavy responsibility. If the person is not ready to endure sometimes cat's shouts, the torn sofa or a pool under a door, then he should not get either a kitty, or a cat.

Buying a pet, the person together with responsibility receives a never-ending source of joy and tenderness in a set. In communication of the person and a pet the love, attention and care is the most important!

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