• Jan 25, 2019

Life with a pet is filled with joy. Any owner cares for an animal, preserves him, treats at the veterinarian. There is a secret set of rules which is desirable for following. Precepts of the real aelurophile are directed to creation of the safe environment which will provide to the pet long life.

Main Precepts of the Real Aelurophile

Safety of the dwelling

Quite often there are cases when the cat or a kitten are selected on the street. Such animals with high probability are sick and infected by parasites therefore the animal is placed in a quarantine for a month and watch its state.

Signs of the healthy pet:

  • good appetite;
  • normal chair;
  • absence of vomiting;
  • lack of allocations from eyes.

At any suspicious symptoms the cat should be shown to the veterinarian. Carry surely out processing from helminths, fleas, an ear tick. In special drugstore there is all necessary for this means.

How to Look After Cooks in the Apartment

If in the house there are already animals, then they need to be isolated for the period of the quarantine. After the owner is convinced of a healthy condition of the new pet, they can be held in one room. of Cats surely vaccinate even if they do not go to the street. Viruses can be brought on clothes or footwear.

At windows it is desirable to establish grids. Pets do not understand danger of height and can walk on eaves. They hunt birds, stumble or frightened sharp sounds. The usual mosquito grid easily is torn claws therefore it is better to choose an iron design with additional fixing on a frame.

Windows conceal one more danger: folding shutters. Modern models provide vertical opening of a window. In an interval the cat can try to get out and to get stuck there — it will lead to severe injuries and a lethal outcome.

Dangerous objects

Safety for Cats

Some owners of pets do not attach significance to games with balls or packages. Pets can get confused in them and choke. Without the timely help of the person it is difficult to them to be chosen. In mild cases it leads to injuries.

Cans are dangerous to cats. Many people do not see anything bad in giving capacity to lick. The muzzle of an animal easily gets stuck in it and leads to suffocation. In the apartment should not be garbage , the rolling packages and balls.

Collars pose a certain threat for life. The kitten can jump off from a case, be hooked by a thin strip of imitation leather for the handle and choke. Therefore if there is a need for an accessory, it has to be undone easily at a tension.

Real Aelurophiles

The inattentive owner can pinch a door a paw or the head of a cat therefore it is necessary to be extremely attentive and accurate. Curious kittens like to climb too everywhere therefore before to close a door, it is necessary to look round well.

Dangerous places for animals:

  • space under a sofa;
  • washing machine;
  • balcony.

Cats do not need long walks on the street or trips to giving. There they can fall a victim of dogs, cars or to be lost. Therefore you should not release them from the house. In a cottage it is better to equip the spacious open-air cage.

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