• Apr 27, 2018

Naked truth: 5 breeds of the cats deprived of wool (Part 1) you Are interested in nonhairy cats? They really do not demand special leaving how it seems at first sight? And they have no wool very at all? Let's consider all questions on the example of five most known "hairless" breeds.

Do you adore fluffy cats, but at the same time are interested in features of the individuals in general deprived of a fur coat? Well, we will try to satisfy your curiosity with the story about five "naked" breeds within our article. We warn: having read up the last paragraph, you for certain want to bring to yourself such pet!

  1. Bambino's

Naked truth: 5 breeds of the cats deprived of wool (Part 1) you Remember such hero of board games Manchkin? And what about the Sphinx? Greet Bambino – very lovely stocky creature with charming lemon eyes on a wedge-shaped head. It is very young breed (it is selected in 2005), representatives of this look are classified as dwarfs, they have short, brawny legs which remind these fantastic heroes. You they think slowly move because of short pads? Kind of not so! Bambino's cat dashingly rushes on the house, abruptly turning on corners, its activity and irrepressible energy generated also the Italian name of breed: the lovely prankish who is not noticing barriers.

Though Bambino also treat little cats because of their size (average weight of an animal of 4.9-8.8 pounds), this fluffy friend has very broad character, is extremely friendly and likes to embrace. It will very quickly win your heart!

Interesting facts: Though Bambino is also deprived of wool, but is not hypoallergenic at all. As well as ordinary cats, he produces Fel d 1 enzyme which can become the allergy catalyst.

  1. Don sphinx

Naked truth: 5 breeds of the cats deprived of wool (Part 1) If you love mysterious heroes, then the Don sphinx – hairless creation with a heap of lovely nicknames by all means will please you: Don a sphinx, the Russian nonhairy, Russian Donskoy and Don - without - wool! The first representative of breed appeared in 1987, was brought by Elena Kovalyova in Russia. The lady saved a kitten from the boys scoffing at the kid. After a while the foundling who was christened Varvara began to lose wool … and when the cat itself became a mother, fur coat it did not have absolutely! At first the hostess considered it a consequence of a disease or other illness, but after consultation with the professional manufacturer and other experts, was stated emergence of new breed: Don sphinx!

These cats are known for the loyalty to dogs, they also do not require special attention and are undemanding. Extremely quiet beings! Intelligent and friendly Don sphinxes are very inquisitive and easily give in to training.

Interesting facts: The Don sphinxes sport cold season in the fur coat (which is usually concentrated on a breast and a tail), but as soon as becomes warmer, at once get rid of it!

Erika Sorocco | April, 2018

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