• Jan 9, 2019

the Decision to take in the house the animal has to be considered: pet not a toy. This living being with the character and requirements. But the small animal will give joy incomparably more, than any inanimate thing, even the most expensive. New devices or jewelry will not begin to look forward the owner from work, to make up and console when to him it is sad — all this becomes the main reasons to get a cat or a dog in the apartment.

The Reasons to Get a Cat in the Apartment

of Advantage of "cohabitation" with a cat

It is considered that the cat is an animal who cannot be tamed. However skilled aelurophiles are unanimous in the opinion on that, how faithfully and disinterestedly his pet can love the person. Owners of mini-tigers know precisely:

Why It Is Worth Getting Cats in the Apartment

  • If in the house there is a cat, then it is not necessary to suffer from loneliness. The favourite will be a partner.
  • The cat will save the owner from melancholy and gloomy thoughts which can appear because of existence of "excess" time — new obligations for care of the pet simply will not leave the place for melancholy.
  • Measured stroking of a cat helps to lower a stress, so is capable to reduce load of heart and vessels — scientists proved that owners of fluffy doctors are less subject to diseases of a cardiovascular system, than people who have no cat.
  • Unusual fact: scientists proved that the pacifying purr of the fluffy friend will have beneficial effect on a condition of a muscular and bone tissue. Why does that happen: sounds during purring have the frequency of 20−140 Hz, namely frequency soundings in the range of 18−35 Hz are capable to improve a post-traumatic state — healing takes place much quicker.
  • For the child in the house of a cat — the excellent workmate for games. Besides, children who grow in families where there are pets begin to understand much earlier what is responsibility for another.
  • Will save from insomnia. Skilled owners know, that the murlyka needs to fluffy lying down near the owner, the somnolence shortly will begin to overcome. And no sleeping pill is required. By the way, almost tell about the same influence also mothers of kids — the cat is capable to lull the child.

And still scientists-gerontologists confirmed that people who "are on friendly terms" with cats on average live for nearly 10 years longer. Well and the fact that cats are capable to save the house from rodents wreckers and you should not mention — know all about their hunting qualities.

of Feature of keeping of a cat in the apartment

Why It Is Necessary to Care for Cats

It is quite simple to contain a murlyka in the house. At least even because they do not need to be walked twice a day. As far as it sometimes is problematic owners of dogs can tell: their favourites under any weather conditions — during a rain, snowfall, a frost — need to be brought to the street. With a cat of such need will not arise.

Care of the fluffy favourite includes set of several conditions : education, feeding, periodic visit of the veterinarian, holding hygienic procedures and creation of the convenient environment for life. The cat can quite cope with hygiene itself, routine inspection of the veterinarian needs to be had not so often, in what the owner it will like and to care will be comfortable living conditions for it. And here features of the correct feeding and leaving — that subject which requires closer attention.

Education of a kitten

Education of Kittens

It is considered that the kitten is younger, the it will be simpler than it to teach to use a tray, not to use furniture as a kogtetochka, and curtains — instead of a swing. But this opinion is wrong: the age in this case does not play a role.

On the contrary if the owner — the person mature, suits him more an adult animal to whom active games will be already not so interesting. And in families with small children the tiny kitten is a risk because the kid can play and injure the baby.

Cats are easily trained. It is possible to correct their behavior usually for the careful owner: patience and love — here what is necessary for an animal. Aggression to achieve nothing not to turn out, only caress.

of the Recommendation about feeding

To feed the favourite with the remains from a table of the person is a risk to ruin immunity of an animal and his gastrointestinal tract. And it, in turn, will affect health and longevity of the pet.

In a pet diet surely there has to be a protein — meat, it is better if it is a rabbit or a bird. Why quite so: on proteinaceous fatty structure these types are identical to rodents who are power supplies in the habitat for cats. Still beef and mutton are considered as admissible. And here pork under a ban. That is necessary still:

  • Cereals — oats, buckwheat, wheat and other. But bean it is impossible categorically.
  • Boiled vegetables — a small amount.
  • Low-fat fermented milk products. It is better not to offer sour cream and cheese to a cat — there is no advantage of them. Milk is necessary only for kittens, and adult animals can get diarrhea from it.

Advantages to Have a Cat in the Apartment

The number of feedings depends on age of an animal: the less kitten on age, the more often it needs to be lured. The volume of a portion — from the weight of the pet and his activity.

If the owner wishes to feed the pet with ready-made feeds, then it is better to pay attention to quality professional mixes. And it is important that the favourite always had clear water in free access.

Care of an animal

The owner has to create all necessary conditions for the pet's life. That means:

  • To equip the place for a dream.
  • To equip space for feeding, to put there bowls for food and water.
  • To establish a kogtetochka — it is optional to buy it, it is possible to make most.

How to Care for Pets

it is important to observe hygiene of the pet: to comb if a cat long-haired, to cut claws and to clean ears (any veterinarian will prompt as to do it not to injure an animal).

The fluffy favourite the attention and caress, she is required, as well as all other living beings, needs communication. Especially as its vital space in the apartment is most often limited: the cat has nobody to contact, except the owner and members of his family. The owner should not ignore the alumna not to provoke at her a stress. It is very important that the owner played with the favourite, paid her attention (ironed, talked to her).

Cats are able to be grateful. Therefore care which is taken by the owner to the alumna will pay off a hundredfold, animals are attached to the person not because of his status, a position or a material state, and just because love it.

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