• Jul 23, 2017

our favourite native cat the Saffron milk cap left Yesterday. Two weeks of fight for life, two weeks of hope … But death won. When he got sick, we understood not at once, the cat became heavier to breathe, then heard that it inside all gurgles.

In hospital pumped out 200 ml pleural liquids, appointed an antibiotic and hormone. The state began to improve, breath returned to norm. In the evening unexpectedly there was an attack, breath began a stomach again. The hospital pumped out 50 more ml of liquid. Handed over on koronovirus-negative result.

The preliminary diagnosis put pneumonia. Changed antibiotics, appointed diuretic and a heap of tablets but the cat died away, generally lay, got up that перелечь. Refused food, began to feed up with the syringe. But we had a hope, we lived it and believed that the Saffron milk cap will survive, the young organism will cope with the illness. Again made X-ray, it showed that again liquid around lungs collected, the doctor pumps out liquid this time it was with blood and some clots. In two hours of the Saffron milk cap did not become, it left us forever.

After his death doctors could state the reason, it appears around a small heart the huge serous tumor expanded. Oncology, the cat was doomed.

Favourite, favourite, beloved Ryzhik forgive that could not help you. You presented to us many happy hours, we love you and we will always remember and love. Eternal to you memory, Saffron milk cap.

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