• Dec 14, 2018

, a cat — the most popular pet. According to statistical data, about 60% of people make the fluffy friend. Of course, to take in the house of a cat — very courageous and serious step. It is always huge responsibility. But after all it is always necessary to think well whether it is worth getting a cat. Here it is impossible to be guided by some emotions, an animal not a toy.

Whether It Is Worth Getting a Cat

Advantage of a cat

A cat — remarkable antidepressant, is excellent "hormone of happiness" which always "near at hand". Scientists proved that cat's purr weakens and helps to get rid of a stress, brings to the person positive emotions and allows to reach composure. The fluffy friend will be the good assistant in education of children. The animal one presence in the house will be able already to wake up only kindness and sense of responsibility in the little man.

Cat — Remarkable Antidepressant

It is remarkable as well the fact that cats are able to treat . Many owners of these nice animals told to a story about how the canine friend helped to get rid of this or that disease while doctors gave not encouraging forecast. The cat is the most reliable alarm clock. The fluffy pet will never allow to be late for work or to oversleep an important action. At the same time at such "alarm clock" very pleasant purring sounding.

Trying to understand

whether it is worth getting a cat in the apartment, it is necessary to remember that this animal does not demand a lot of time from the owner. If with a dog it is necessary to walk daily, then the cat does not need it. For him it is enough that in the apartment there was a clean tray with special filler.

Cat — the Devoted and Loyal Friend

A cat — the devoted and loyal friend who quickly becomes attached to the owner and always feels his mood. The fluffy favourite will not throw and will not betray, he loves the owner. For a modest entertainment in the form of a forage or milk the lovely animal will become the excellent interlocutor ready to listen to everything that collected at the owner for all day.

In cold times any plaid or warm clothes will not be able to be compared to this most delicate being. Having taken place in the evening in a cozy chair to watch the movie or to read the book, it is possible to enjoy heat of the favourite pet and to iron his soft hair. Scientists proved that the people having in the house of a cat live longer than others for 10 years. It is one more occasion to make the decision becoming the happy owner of a fluffy miracle.

Possible harm

Reflecting over whether it is worth getting a cat in the apartment, it is necessary to remember also some minuses of stay of an animal in the house. It is more difficult to bring up a cat, than a dog. This animal who walks in itself.

The cat sharpens claws

The freedom-loving character can be shown that the pet will sleep where it will be pleasant to it more, but not in specially equipped place. The cat can sharpen willingly claws about new furniture or a carpet, ignoring the kogtetochka acquired for these purposes. So, it is better for that who is going to get an animal not to buy expensive home decoration. It is worth refusing a leather sofa. Many refuse to get an animal because do not want to remove often. At contents in the apartment of a cat wool will be everywhere:

  • on furniture;
  • on a floor;
  • on clothes.

At making decision on whether it is worth getting a kitten in the apartment, especially careful it is necessary to be that who suffers from an allergy to wool and has asthma. Besides you should not forget that the cat has the need, as well as any other living being.

It is required to spend money:

Cats Play

  • on a forage;
  • filler for a tray;
  • toys;
  • carrying;
  • inoculations;
  • medicines from worms;
  • treatment if the pet gets sick.

If owners often leave the house, they need to look for special hotel for animals in which will be able temporarily to look after the fluffy favourite. You should not forget that cats very much become attached to the place of the accommodation. They transfer any moving with a stress.

If once long ago cats were got only for the purpose of catching of mice, then now the reasons can the most various. Someone wants to brighten up loneliness and to care for someone, someone wishes to cultivate sense of responsibility in children, and for someone it is especially important to find though the slightest sense in life, to feel necessary, to find an opportunity to show care and warmth.

Several cats

Whether Stit to Get the Second Cat

Deliberating over whether it is worth getting the second cat, many as a result refuse to take one more animal. In certain cases this really justified decision. If the favourite — the old man, is better not to get a kitten as similar changes can be serious blow for the pet who got used to be the full owner of all territory of the apartment. At emergence of a new individual he can think that it is wanted to be replaced and it is not necessary to owners any more.

If the person is forced to spend much time on service, it is also best of all for it to be limited to one pet. To look after two cats even more difficult. First it is necessary to watch closely behavior of animals as one of them is capable to arrange the second real "hazing". It is necessary to tell that at two pets the confusion with a tray can begin. It is not pleasant to cats when from their toilet the smell of other animals proceeds.

If one of family members against a kitten after whom it is necessary to clean every day it is not necessary to push luck. The animal needs feeling as darling. And in the house where at least one person has to him hostile feelings, the pet will not be happy.

Several Cats in the House

Happens and so that owners of a cat contrary to everything nevertheless decide to bring one more fluffy favourite. In that case it is important to them to make best efforts in order that to provide with to both animals comfortable conditions . Experts advise to take the second cat at the age of 8−9 weeks. Then the adult pet will not see the competitor in the kid and will treat him as to the child, taking care and bringing up. In ideal cases the adult cat takes the baby under guardianship and trains in its accepted "local orders".

Can sometimes happen that the adult individual attacks the kid and shows in relation to him aggression. Then it is necessary to try that animals were in different parts of the room and met only under supervision of the person.

Thus, everyone chooses whether it is necessary to bring the fluffy pet. The similar idea — a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it is necessary to meet some difficulties, but with another — for the real fans of cats of the problems connected with house keeping of the pet, just does not exist. They are ready to go to a lot of things as everything that is connected with a fluffy miracle gives them sheer pleasure.

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