• Nov 30, 2018

Sterilization in itself is simple operation. The main cares and efforts of the owner are connected with postoperative leaving. During this period it is important to observe all recommendations of the doctor to exclude development of possible complications. The veterinarian will report when to remove a body cloth from a cat after sterilization, than it is better to feed whether it is necessary to process seams.

When to Remove a Body Cloth from a Cat after Sterilization

Postoperative leaving in the first days

The first days after sterilization it is necessary to watch a condition of a body cloth which has to remain clean and protect a postoperative seam from contact with the external environment. The nature of food has to be such that there were no locks. Further the sterilized cat is fed in the smaller portions for prevention of obesity. The volume of its diet will need to be reduced by 20−25%. during rehabilitation is forbidden:

Postoperative Leaving in the First Days

  • to allow a cat to lay down on the warm battery;
  • to smear a seam with an anti-septic tank with alcohol content;
  • to overfeed an animal, leaving I go for the whole day;
  • to remove a body cloth until as the seam will begin to live;
  • to allow active games with jumps;
  • to take a cat on hands, supporting her only under forepaws.

It is possible to give to an animal water without restrictions . If before the alumna was fed with a dry feed, then now it is worth choosing the special line of a product for the sterilized cats. Walks are admissible, but they have to be short and under supervision.

On hands an animal should be taken, picking up under all four paws, not making the pressing impact on a stomach.

Use of a body cloth

The body cloth represents the postoperative bandage protecting a seam on a stomach from hit of dust and microbes. Adaptation is fixed on a cat right after operation in veterinary clinic, and in the first days the owner should watch only, kind of the poponka did not move down. The bandage is designed so that the animal could move and go to a toilet freely.

Use of a Body Cloth

Should telling that not all alumnae quietly perceive on themselves a foreign subject. At forums owners of animals quite often are interested what to do if the cat removes a body cloth. The owner should observe behavior of an animal and to stop similar attempts.

If the body cloth was soiled, it is recommended to be washed, quickly to dry up and again to put on, watching that the cat during this period did not razlizyvat to herself a seam. The surface of cat's language is similar to an emery paper, and the disturbed wound can begin to suppurate that already threatens with complications up to peritonitis.

Removal of a bandage

Removal of a Bandage from a Cat

The doctor in clinic will surely report, when can remove a body cloth after sterilization of a cat . Usually it is allowed to be made in 10 days after intervention, how will remove seams. During restoration the hem will scratch, and the small animal can lick it. If occurs quite so, it is necessary to continue to carry a bandage some more days.

Removal of seams happens in clinic, it is possible to make it and at home independently. It is not sick at all, but it is better to do the procedure together. One person should hold an animal, and another will take the remains of threads, previously having delayed on itself small knots and having accurately cut off them.

How Many to a Cat to Go in a Bandage

Some owners solve

how many to a cat to go in a bandage after sterilization. If the animal feels in a poponka is held down, feels strong discomfort and a stress, it is possible to try to remove devices and to look what will occur. It is necessary to pay attention and to a condition of the seam.

When the alumna does not disturb a wound, can allow it to go without body cloth , but then presence of the person in the house is necessary to observe. In such situation it is recommended to put a special collar which will prevent it to be licked on a cat. At inflammation of a seam which is shown by reddening and suppuration it is necessary to show an animal to the veterinarian urgently.

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