• Jan 12, 2019

Most of the people coming to rest to Greece swim in the sea or admire local attractions. of Only especially observant tourists interests why in Greece there are a lot of street cats. In fact in the territory of this country there are a lot of vagrant cats. Animals are attracted not only by warm Mediterranean climate.

Why Greeks since ancient times with great respect treat cats

Worship of cats

For What Reason in the territory of Greece a Large Number of Vagrant Cats Lives

If to trust the objects found at excavation in the territory of this country it is possible to claim that cats were esteemed in Greece in ancient times. The first mentions of them are dated the 5th century of our era.

Ancient Greeks perceived them as cult animals and equated to the goddess of hunting — Artemis. Locals always worshipped them , considered the embodiment of grace.

Representatives of the cat family were esteemed not only by ordinary people, but also the famous children of Hellas:

  • Plutarch;
  • Aesop;
  • Aristotle;
  • Herodotus.

They admired not only beauty and grace of representatives of the cat family, but also their uncommon mental capacities.

Different breeds

Tourists are surprised by a variety of breeds and colors of local cats. They can be long-haired or short-haired, have the roundish or extended muzzle, but all of them without exception — owners of long paws.

Life of Street Cats

Cats can be met there anywhere. They sit on chairs near visitors of cafe, walk on local small streets, to lie on lawns or to watch at entrances to hotels and shops. Here it is accepted to feed up animals. It is done willingly not only by locals, but also visitors tourists.

Life in Greece

Why Greeks with great respect treat cats

the Most banal explanation for this surprising invasion — favorable climate. Almost all the year round in Greece warmly therefore animals can live even on the street, hiding from a rain and wind where it is necessary. It is not accepted to banish cats here.

But vagrant cats generally meet in such large cities as Thessaloniki or Athens.

In villages and small towns each kitty has attachment to any certain place.

If the animal is fed up in some cafe or small restaurant, then it will not leave for anything the favorable territory.

For What Reason Many Vagrant Cats Live in Greece

If the tourist comes to some island and , having lodged in hotel, notices some cat there, he can be sure that having visited this place in several years, will meet the same animal. Cats adhere to favourite territories.

But even if the animal is fed up and it attracted to the owner of an institution or family, to the house it will never be accepted. And it not because, that so ruthless Greeks. This tradition also has the explanation. The matter is that since ancient times of a cat were considered as the independent animals having reason. For this reason people do not want to subordinate them to themselves.

Life of vagrant cats in Greece is not a heavy destiny, and more likely manifestation of respect from people for these animals. Inhabitants prefer to provide them freedom, but not to lock them in houses, accustoming to certain rules.

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