• Nov 28, 2018

of the Cat – madly charming beings; these small and purring creations are capable to paint your world, it is better to make it, to fill with sense. In some days they as if the car destroying everything in the house take down cans, fly on rooms, jumping from one thing on another, but, despite it, having become the owner of a cat, you will understand how it will bring a lot of happiness with itself in your life! Anyway, planning to find the pet, you have to learn several things.

whether You are ready to get a cat? Questions which you have to set to yourself

Ask yourself the following questions to be sure of the forces – whether you are ready to become the good owner and to provide to the favourite happy life, to protect his health, despite of routine work.

Why to me domestic cat?

You can have millions of the reasons to bring to themselves the pet, but it is important to find among them powerful and worthy. The love and friendship with a cat will really fill your life with the happy and joyful moments, but at the same time the favourite can have differences of mood, and you can not like his bad temper. It is fine if you need the friend with whom you are capable to share the love. But if you get a pet only to grant desire of the 6-year-old child and are not sure that want to care for it, then speak to yourself firm "No"! If you could answer accurately the question "Why Cat?" and are ready to bear responsibility, go rather and make to yourself the wonderful and loving friend if is not present – think once again whether it is necessary for you.


Is ready to live I with a cat?

Remember that to be the owner of a cat – very serious and long-term duty, and you cannot get rid of responsibility simply one day. Before you decide to bring a pet to the house, be convinced of the readiness to share with it a huge part of the life. To domestic cats it is very important that you pay them enough attention and you spend much time playing and communicating with them. By the way, unlike many animals, cats are capable to adapt to a rhythm of life of the owner that strongly simplifies an opportunity to pay them attention, even having the loaded working day.

whether You are ready to get a cat? Questions which you have to set to yourself

Thus if you are ready to share with the favourite everything – from money to space in the house, then you can go further.


I Can be the responsible owner?

To be a responsible owner – means to watch that the cat was healthy and happy, received caress and love which she deserves as the family member. You have to bear responsibility for the following things:

  1. Regular campaigns to the veterinarian and vaccination
  2. Protection against fleas, worms and ticks
  3. Castration and sterilization
  4. Safety of a pet and his protection against various threats
  5. Compliance with laws about licensing in your region

whether You are ready to get a cat? Questions which you have to set to yourself

Think so much time how many it is necessary, you ask councils from people who already have a domestic cat and also at those who know you: your way of life and your habits. Learn also that other people think of you as about the pet's owner. All this will help to make the correct decision.

It is very sad to

to realize that many people, without having thought, at first bring a little innocent kitten home, and then leave it in a shelter because is not able to look after him more.

These charming creations need not only the place where they can live, but also in other important things which were given above. Therefore if you are precisely sure of the forces, then make to yourself a canine friend, but if you have doubts, then believe, you should not risk.

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