• Dec 16, 2018

of the Cat. They are in itself, but sometimes after all have warm feelings to the owner if really are attached to him. But how to achieve love of a cat?

Kittens prefer to


When the cat gets into family, being a kitten, she is frightened and trusts nobody. And who surrounds it then? Children – curious and eager to play. Women are emotional, constantly trying to snuggle him. And men – only, perhaps, with whom it is worth dealing. They more reliable are also not accustomed to stick constantly to a cat with the caress.

How to achieve love?

Cats get used to the person through caress and trust. They need the person on whom it is possible to put, from whom they would not feel threat. That is it is the gentle, benevolent person from whom the pet does not see and does not feel aggression which does not stick to him constantly with caress – very few people from cats love it.

whether Your pet loves you: as cats choose to themselves owners

Talk to a kitty, stroke her if it allows, offer an entertainment – and you for certain will take a place of honor in her rebellious heart.

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