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Annulate parrots


Alexandrov annulate parrot


Length of a body of an aleksandrovy annulate parrot (including a tail) is 45 — 58 cm. Feathers are painted mainly in green color. The paunch is light green, and top of wings — with brown-red specks. Distinctive feature of males — a ring from the lower part of a beak to the middle of a neck, in the top part of a neck rose-red. But similar ornament appears only by 3 years. Females are deprived of "necklace". A beak at the Alexandria parrots large, at adult birds — claret and bright red color, at young people — carrot.


Alkesandriysky annulate parrots live in Southeast and Southern Asia. They prefer the top tiers of tropical forests, on the earth go down seldom.

Is similar to all red-breasted parakeets, Alexandria – excellent flyers, however fly, as a rule, on small distances.


Character and temperament

of the Alexandria parrot should not be got in hope that he will be a good interlocutor. Similar expectations are met not always. Yes, cases when these birds knew to one hundred words, however it more likely an exception are known. As a rule, they are limited to 10 — 15 words. And as a result the unlucky owner, having been disappointed in the pet, throws him, absolutely depriving of him attention. And for a parrot it is intolerable, fraught with a severe psychological injury. Therefore the ability to speak can be a pleasant bonus, but not a main objective.

At the correct leaving and the competent address the Alexandria parrots are quiet, friendly birds.

They are very active
, demand a lot of space, exercises and the movement. So the spacious cage and an opportunity freely is required every day to fly.

of Entertainment have to be various as the monotony quickly bothers the Alexandria parrot, and he can "make" toys independently, of everything that will find in the house. Besides these birds are capable to get into the most hard-to-reach spots. Therefore if the pet received freedom, it is necessary to look after him attentively.

Maintenance and leaving

the Ideal cage for the Alexandria parrot — spacious, all-metal, strong, not round, with a reliable lock. The cage is located at the level of eyes in the place protected from drafts.

the Room for free flights has to be safe. Consider that the wingspan of the Alexandria parrot reaches up to 20 cm so places has to be enough.

toys and place them in a cage.

Is desirable that temperature was indoors maintained at the level of +22 … +25 degrees. The Alexandria parrots are unpretentious and can sustain "cold snap" to 0 degrees, however it is better not to allow similar difference.

clean the Feeding trough and a drinking bowl daily. Toys and poles wash as required. Disinfection of a cage is carried out once a week, the open-air cage — once a month. Half of the open-air cage 2 times a week clean, a cage floor — daily.


of the Alexandria parrots feed with different types of grain crops. Barley, peas, wheat and corn are presoaked previously. Sunflower seeds, oats and a millet are given dry.

of Baby birds needs to treat with "dairy" corn, but also the adult bird will not refuse a similar entertainment.

the Obligatory part of a diet — greens, vegetables, fruit. They are necessary for a bird all the year round.


the Period of reproduction of the Alexandria parrots in the wild nature proceeds from April to November. Usually the female takes down from 2 to 4 eggs. The incubatory period — 28 — 30 days.

So far the female hatches eggs, the male is engaged in providing — gets food.

at the age of 6 — 7 weeks baby birds take off from a nest.

In bondage the Alexandria parrots not bad breed. In quality гнездовья it is possible to use a box (size of 50х45х50 cm).

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