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 the Parrot of Amazon on a branch








Length of a body of Amazon — 30 — 45 cm. At these parrots a dense constitution, length of wings moderate. The beak is roundish, strong. The tail which is rounded off, not too long therefore amazon carry to korotkokhvosty parrots.

Plumage of the majority of amazon is painted in green color. But some types sport bright spots on wings, a tail, the head or a neck. Differences in color allow to distinguish amazon by types. Color marks can be yellow, blue, blue or red.

quite easily adapt to life near the person. If you decided to get a similar parrot as the pet, it is better to choose zheltogolovy, white-headed, Venezuelan Amazon or Müller's Amazon.

Life expectancy of amazon – up to 60 years. Though there are data that certain birds lived also up to 70 years.


, generally inhabit the Antilles and also South and Central America.

the Sort of amazon includes about 28 various types, some of them can be seen on pages of the International Red List more often, than at liberty.

— quite trustful birds, even in the wild nature. Sometimes they form packs, but keep small families more often.
during the marriage period these parrots break into couples.


Character and temperament

have quite peculiar character. Though they are subject to differences of mood, many fans prefer to keep houses these fowls — for trustful temper and a set of talents.

At amazon infallible memory. They are capable to learn more than 100 words and phrases which actively use. These parrots have musical abilities and often imitate musical instruments, reproduce musical tone.

of Amazon can train in circus tricks, and this bird, without suffering from excessive shyness, will show willingly abilities of any audience, in difference, for example, from more mistrustful жако.

However consider
that amazona — rather noisy birds as are shouters by nature. They are especially active in the mornings and to evenings. Therefore before bringing them, think whether will be at you problems with members of household and neighbors.

Maintenance and leaving

the Cage for Amazon has to be quite spacious, at least 1х1 m, metal. But the open-air cage is ideal for these birds, they are rather mobile and have to have an opportunity to fly.

In a cage or the open-air cage has to be the secluded place where the bird can hide if desired.

are necessary for Amazon various toys. Like not to do without kupalka — these parrots very much water procedures. It is possible to spray the feathery friend from a spray.

of Amazon is a wood bird who seldom goes down on the earth therefore the feeding trough should not stand on day of a cage.

Every day you clean a feeding trough and a drinking bowl. Weekly disinfect a cage, monthly — the open-air cage. A floor in the open-air cage is cleaned twice a week, a cage bottom — daily.

are thermophilic therefore air temperature indoors has to be maintained at the level of 22 — 27 degrees. 19 degrees — a critical minimum. Sharp temperature differences and drafts are inadmissible.

badly transfer dry air. The humidity of air has to be 60 — 90%. If it falls below, use a humidifier.


of 60 — 70% of a diet of Amazon make grain mixes. It is possible to give walnuts and also peanut.

Very much love amazona vegetables, berries and fruit (bananas, pears, apples, raspberry, bilberry, a mountain ash, peaches, cherry, carrots, cucumbers or persimmon). A citrus can be given, but only sweet, small pieces and it is not enough.

Little by little are given crackers, fresh Beijing cabbage, porridge, the hard-boiled eggs and leaves of a dandelion.

As often as possible give to
fresh branches of fruit-trees. They contain necessary vitamins and mineral substances.

Water always has to be clean and fresh.

feed with
of Adult birds twice a day.

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