• Jan 14, 2020

Annulate parrots are a genus of birds who treat family of popugayevy.

Appearance of annulate parrots

are birds of the average size, very graceful and beautiful. Length is 30 — 50 cm

Characteristic of this genus of parrots — a step long tail.

the Beak large, has rounded shape.

Colour of plumage mainly green, but around a neck is allocated the strip reminding a necklace (at some types it is more similar to a tie). Coloring of males differs from coloring of females, but adult coloring of a bird is got only by the time of puberty (by 3 years).

Wings of these parrots long (about 16 cm) and sharp.

Because legs at these birds short and weak, they should use a beak when they go on the ground as the third support or climb branches of trees

the Area of dwelling and life in the wild nature

the Area of dwelling of kolchyaty parrots — East Africa and the Southern Asia though some types were moved on the island of Madagascar and to Australia where annulate parrots so successfully adapted that began to force out native species of birds.

Annulate parrots prefer to live in cultural landscapes and the woods, form packs. Are fed early in the morning and in the evening, then orderly fly on a watering place. And between meals have a rest, sitting on tops of trees in dense foliage. Main forage: seeds and fruits of cultural and wild plants.

As a rule, during reproduction the female lays from 2 to 4 eggs and hatches out baby birds, and the male feeds her and protects a nest. Baby birds are born in 22 — 28 days, and in 1.5 — 2 months leave a nest. Usually annulate parrots do 2 broods during the season (sometimes 3).

Keeping of annulate parrots

These birds not bad are suitable for house contents. They are quickly tamed, long live, easily adapt to bondage. They can teach to be spoken several words or even phrases. However it is necessary to be reconciled also with a shortcoming: they have a sharp, unpleasant voice. Some parrots are loud.

Depending on classification, rank from 12 to 16 types as a sort.

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