• Jan 14, 2020

 Chloropterus of macaw on a branch

Group Psittaci, Psittaciformes = Parrots, popugayeobrazny
Family Psittacidae = Parrots, popugayevy
Subfamily Psittacinae = Real parrots
Sort Ara = Ara
Look Ara chloropterus = Ara zelenokryly

Zelenokryly macaws treat an endangered species. They are entered in the convention CITES, Appendix II


Ara have length of 78 — 90 cm, weight — 950 — 1700 гр. Tail length: 31 — 47 cm. They have a bright, beautiful coloring. Primary color dark red, and wings — blue-green. Cheeks are white, not operenny. The naked person is decorated with small red feathers which are located in several rows. Nadkhvostye and tail blue. Nadklyuvye of a straw shade, a tip black, a podklyuvya — sulphurous-black.


of 60 — 70% of a diet have to make grain seeds. It is possible to give walnuts or peanut.

zelenokryly macaws Very much love yagor, fruit or vegetables. It can be bananas, pears, apples, raspberry, bilberry, a mountain ash, peaches, cherry, persimmon. A citrus is given only sweet, and is limited by small pieces. All this is given in limited quantity.

Gradually are given crackers, fresh Beijing cabbage, porridge, the hard-boiled eggs and leaves of a dandelion.

Suitable vegetables: cucumbers and carrots.

As often as possible give to
fresh branches of fruit-trees, thick or small. They contain necessary vitamins and mineral substances.

Water changes daily.

Zelenokryly macaws are conservatives in food. However, despite it, it is worth bringing a variety a diet as much as possible.

feed with
of Adult birds twice a day.


For cultivation of zelenokryly macaws needs to create a number of conditions.

In cages these birds do not breed. Therefore they need to be held in the open-air cage all the year round, and separately from other feathery pets. Minimum size of the open-air cage: 1.9х1.6х2.9 m

fill up the Wooden floor with sand, from above put the turf. Gorizontalnol fix a keg (120 liters) in which end face cut a square opening of 17х17 cm. It is possible to buy a nested lodge (70х50х50 cm), diameter a letka (round) there have to be 15 cm, and he has to settle down at the height of 25 cm from a lodge bottom. As a nested laying serve sawdust and wood shaving.

Maintain indoors the stable air temperature (about 20 degrees) and humidity (about 80%).

of the Daylight is not enough so the room should be lit in addition with luminescent lamps and glow lamps to support the photoperiod at the following level: 15 hours of light and 9 hours of darkness.

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