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 Soldatsky the small macaw in all length
Group Psittaci, Psittaciformes = Parrots, popugayeobrazny
Family Psittacidae = Parrots, popugayevy
Subfamily Psittacinae = Real parrots
Sort Ara = Ara
Look Ara militaris = Ara soldier's
Subspecies Ara militaris militaris, Ara militaris mexicana, Ara militaris boliviana

of Ara militaris Mexicana is larger subspecies, Ara militaris boliviana have a red-brown neck, and swing feathers and a tip of a tail dark blue.
Soldier's macaws — the vulnerable look which is on the verge of disappearance therefore it is entered in the Red list of the International Union of conservation. Also soldier's macaw is included in the I CITES Application.


Length of a body of soldier's macaw — 63 — 70 cm. Tail length — 32 — 40 cm

From above coloring of plumage (including the top part of the head) the protective (dark green), lower part of a little body — olive-green. A front part is painted in reddish and meat color. Cinnabaric-red forehead. Olive-brown neck. Steering feathers red-brown with the blue ends. Swing feathers blue. The lower covering feathers and a nadkhvostya blue. Black-gray beak. Iris of eyes yellow. Dark pads.

of the Female and males do not differ on a color.


the macaw lives in Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru. They live both in mountains, and on flat sites. In the Andes these birds were seen at the height of 3500 m above sea level.

the parrots Inhabiting tropical forests spend time in crowns, however, when the harvest on corn and vegetable plantations ripens, macaws fly to be fed there. As their raids cause a notable loss to a harvest, birds do not enjoy love from locals.


Character and temperament

of macaw quite well feels in bondage. If it is good to look after him and it is correct to address, the feathery friend can live up to 100 years. However if to treat a bird badly, she will become embittered and extremely dangerous. And to create them suitable conditions not easy: the spacious room where the macaw can freely fly and go is necessary.

Besides, the soldier's macaw badly transfers loneliness. It needs communication and if you give to a bird less than 2 hours a day (and it is better more), she will shout negoduyushche.

the macaw adores climbing a rope and to play. Not less than 1 — 2 time a day it needs to give the chance to fly.

Ara — tender, intellectual, however very active birds. You will not call them silent. So if noise irritates you, it is better to refrain from purchase of such pet.

Ara can show aggression therefore you should not leave it unguarded in the company of the small child or pets.

Surely offer
to the soldier's macaw of a toy for big parrots. They can be bought in pet-shop.

Maintenance and leaving

Before making the decision to get the pet, check whether you will be able to coexist under the same roof. Small soldier's macaws can cause an allergy.

For soldier's macaw is better to allocate the separate room or to build the open-air cage (with an adjacent shelter). The minimum size of the open-air cage – 3х6х2 m. Shelter size: 2х3х2 m

you Watch that indoors where the parrot flies, it was safe.

If you choose by
a cage, take care that it was rather spacious (at least 120х120х150 cm). The cage is placed at the height about 1 m from a floor.

Rods have to be thick, the interval between them should not exceed 25 mm. It is better if the bottom is sliding – it will facilitate leaving. The bottom is covered with any material which is well absorbing moisture.

you Watch that in a cage there were always branches of fruit trees — their bark contains necessary macaws vitamins and minerals.

Surely place a kupalka. The soldier's macaw needs to adopt water procedures (2 times a week or are more often). A bird it is possible to spray by means of a spray.

Maintain by
purity in the dwelling of a bird. Every day you clean feeding troughs and drinking bowls. If the toy became soiled, clean it. Disinfection is carried out weekly (cage) or monthly (open-air cage). 2 times a year there has to take place full disinfection of the open-air cage.


Grain seeds make a diet basis (from 60 to 70%).

In addition should giving peanut, walnuts, cherry, peaches, persimmon, raspberry, bilberry, a mountain ash, bananas, pears, apples, a sweet citrus (they are cut on small pieces), I skin the Beijing cabbage, crackers, leaves a dandelion, porridges or the hard-boiled eggs. But do not go to far, all this is given little by little.

Soldier's macaws eat
2 times a day.

the Increasing parrots (and the macaw including) are great conservatives in food questions. However it is necessary to diversify their power supply system as much as possible.


If you want to part
soldier's macaws, couple needs to be separated from other birds and to lodge in the open-air cage. Ara have to live there all the year round.

the Size of the open-air cage should not be less than 2х1.5х3 m. The wooden floor which is filled up with sand and covered with the turf. Under a ceiling horizontally fix a keg (volume – 120 l) in which end face cut out a square opening (the size: 17х17 cm). It is possible to buy a nested lodge (the minimum size: 50х70х50 cm) which letok has diameter of 15 cm

Nested laying: wood shaving and also sawdust.

indoors with birds a certain air temperature (20 degrees) and humidity (80%) is maintained.

Equip the room with lamps that in the room was light for 15 hours a day, and 9 hours — are dark.

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