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As are called cubs of animals – such question interests usually children. It is possible to begin with pets, to be exact, from those who can be met in the village. In the modern world many people do not know how call a sheep cub, young growth of a pig, a goat, a cow and a turkey. It is a high time to learn as well as why different children of animals and birds received the names.

How Cubs of Pets Are Called?
As are called cubs of animals, such question interests usually children

of the Sheep, rams and their cubs

It is necessary to begin a conversation on pets and their cubs with an animal who was tamed by the person one of the first. It is about sheep and rams. One little lamb could save the whole family. These beings gave to people not only milk and meat, but also warm wool. It should be noted that the young sheep could be used not only as a source of wool, meat and milk, but also as a religious symbol.

It is a high time to understand as call a cub of a sheep and a ram. The sheep and a ram are domestic artiodactyl animals who treat family of cavicorn. As it is easy to guess, the polovozrely female of this animal is called a sheep, and a male – a ram. Citizens, ignorant of agriculture, often think that it is different animals. Respectively, different nonexistent animals, for example, a female of a ram or a sheep male appear.

There is also a number of strange versions how the cub of these animals is called. Often as the answer to a question as the cub of a sheep and a ram is called, it is possible to hear different options: games, овченыш, ovechonok, etc. Still it is possible to distinguish from the strangest names: a baranchik (for a male) and a little lamb (for a female).

How Cubs of Pets Are Called?

All these names do not correspond to the name of young growth of these animals accepted in Russian. It is important to remember that posterity of a ram and a cub of a sheep will be called equally. The only correct option of the name for their cub – a lamb.

Experts in the field of language are sure that the origin of the word designating a little lamb is connected with religious practices. At many people the little lamb was associated with the birth of hope and freedom. Often little sheep was used as a sacrificial animal.

Thus, a word the lamb has very ancient history. According to scientists, the Russian name came from Latin agnus from which at first appeared old Slavic the innocent person.

Today the little lamb does not make any more such sacral sense what she was allocated by ancient people. The lamb is considered only as cub of pets.

Now it is known how the sheep cub is called, and in case of need it is possible to explain why he was so called. From now on will not nonplus also a question of the one whom is mother of a lamb.

It should be noted that there is a special designation and for the sheep who were above the most tender age, but did not reach still marriage. So, the young sheep, already adult, but yet not capable to reproduction, has the special name. Often in the speech at farmers it is possible to hear a strange word it is bright. Here and the young sheep who was still not bringing posterities is called.

Animals and their cubs (video)

of the Pig and their posterity

Pigs, as well as sheep, were cultivated by the person at the very beginning of his history. These animals treat group of artiodactyl. Pigs give to the person meat, fat, leather and a bristle. For this purpose they are also bred in farms.

The male of a pig is called a boar, a male pig, a hog, a female – a pig, a sow. Cubs of a pig are called pigs. It is necessary to understand why parents and a cub have so different names.

As it was already told, pigs are cultivated by the person in an extreme antiquity. Then people preferred to designate by different words males and females of animals.

The habitual word a pig is related to the German Schwein, the English swine and Latin suinus. Probably, in classic Indo-European language it meant the female of this animal bringing posterity. Thus, the swine will be a men's form. There is a word from Indo-European sus – a pig.

How Cubs of Pets Are Called?
of the Pig, as well as sheep, were cultivated by the person at the very beginning of his history
here a male pig in the ancient time called

A differently. In praslavyansky language linguists got into condition for it porse, in Latin – porsus. Ancient Slavs called a male of a pig by Paros. From there is also a word a pig. As it is easy to notice, it is formed by means of a suffix - the monk who designates a little being.

Originally pigs called only cubs males. Gradually the name extended to all children of a pig.

By the way, process of appearance of cubs on light is called a farrow, and a pregnant pig – suporosy, i.e. visited near Paros. So even our modern language keeps ancient names of animals.


, bull and calf

The cow, as well as a sheep with a pig, was tamed in an extreme antiquity. This animal gives to people milk and meat. Also her skin is used.

The male of a cow is called a bull. And a cow cub – a calf. Also names a bull-calf and a cow calf are admissible. They point to different sex of young growth.

It is worth understanding why again parents and their young growth have the names which came from different roots.

How Cubs of Pets Are Called?

The word "cow" comes from the same basis, as the Latin cornu meaning a horn. Thus, this horned animal.

The origin of the word "calf" still causes a controversy at experts. The most widespread version says that in the ancient time the word meant "mature".

of the Trestle, goat and kid

One more pet who is often meeting on farms is a goat. These artiodactyl give to the person not only milk of which do cheese. Depending on breed, except milk and meat, also receive skins, wool and down from them.

It is necessary to tell that with the name of the child of a goat of problems it is much less. A male of this animal – a goat, a female – a goat. And even the most small children thanks to fairy tales and animated cartoons know that a goat cub – a kid. Apparently, already familiar suffix is involved in formation of the name of a cub again.

How Cubs of Pets Are Called?

Sometimes nonspecialists call goat cubs lambs. It is absolutely incorrect. As it is already clear, at each pet children are called in own way: at a sheep – a lamb, at a goat – a kid.

By the way, at a goat can be born from 1 to 5 kids. So the well-known fairy tale about a wolf exaggerates fertility of this animal a little.

Pets and their cubs (video)

Turkey-cock, turkey and turkey poult

Finally it is worth talking about how it is possible to call a cub of a turkey-cock. The turkey-cock is a large poultry. With a sort she from America, but in the last centuries of these birds part both in Russia, and in Europe.

This bird received the name in the place from where she was delivered to Europe. Earlier America was called by West Indies. Respectively, the name is translated as an Indian rooster.

How Cubs of Pets Are Called?

The female of a turkey-cock is called a turkey or a turkey. The cub of a turkey-cock is called a turkey poult.

As it is easy to notice, this word is formed from the name of parents by means of the suffix meaning a little being.

Now it is known how the little lamb, a little nanny-goat, a bull-calf, a cub of a pig and the kid of a turkey-cock are called. These explanations will be useful and entertaining for children and adults.

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