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Ostrich's egg so far for many is considered exotic. But everything can change soon. Today ostrich's farms are almost in all countries. Many farmers are engaged in cultivation of these large birds. Ostriches will become birds, quite habitual for us, soon, and their eggs will appear on a dining table.

As rush ostriches: ostrich's egg and the interesting facts about it

As rushes a female

Females of ostriches begin to rush already at two-year age. Though in the first year a yaytsenoskost not such strong, as during the subsequent seasons. There live these birds up to 70 years, however it is impossible to count on a yaytsenoskost during all their life as ostriches often rush only the first 30-35 years. In the winter of a female eggs are not laid, this process falls on the warm period. During the season they are capable to postpone until 60 pieces. They rush not every day, and with breaks which can last more than a week.

That ostriches well rushed, they need to create suitable conditions. The big space, existence of a forage and a fresh grass, comfortable temperature – all this provides a regular laying. In good conditions the female in a year can sit out several tens strausit. At bad keeping of a bird quite often it happens that there is no posterity at all.

As rushes an ostrich (video)

Several females can do layings in one nest. Then they hatch out eggs in turn, sometimes they are substituted by males. The incubation period lasts more than a month. Baby birds break a shell legs. Cubs hatch already able to see and with dense down not to freeze. In several hours they get on feet and can follow adult birds. After hatching the male, as a rule, is engaged in young growth.

Unfortunately, in the conditions of many European farms of egg of an ostrich are very vulnerable to microbic infection. Under a shell there is no protective film therefore microbes easily get into an open time. In hot sands of Africa there are no such problems, and here the humid climate and loamy soils lead to the fact that embryonic mortality reaches 25%. Therefore it is so important to fill up a floor in open-air cages with sand and to watch humidity. The cub of an ostrich in atypical conditions for it needs special leaving too. The conscientious farmers caring for prosperity of the economy pay it much attention.

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the Weight of ostrich's egg can reach 2 kg. the smallest copies weigh 500 g. The shell of eggs of the African ostrich has white or slightly yellowish color. At eggs of ostriches Ema a shell dark green. Thickness of a shell reaches 4 mm, it quite strong and can sustain big weight. To understand how many egg of an ostrich weighs and as far as it big, it is possible to compare it to chicken. These are about 40 pieces on one ostrich's egg of the average sizes.

As rush ostriches: ostrich's egg and the interesting facts about it

the Taste of ostrich's egg practically differs in nothing from chicken. the Internal building at it same, only the yolk in relation to protein differs in the size a little. If to create to a female comfortable conditions, then it is possible to regale on ostrich's eggs regularly. Of course, the laying should not be impregnated. Ostrich's egg is just a well of vitamins.

As rush ostriches: ostrich's egg and the interesting facts about it

It contains:

  • vitamins A and E;
  • carotinoids;
  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • calcium and other useful minerals.

The shell contains a large amount of selenium which strengthens immunity, prevents development of oncology, heart troubles and vessels. Besides, ostrich's egg – a low-calorie dietary product. In it there are practically no cholesterol and fats therefore both elderly people, and children can use it.

Egg can be cooked. However because of a thick shell it is necessary to wait for the whole 2 hours. But the tasty product with which it is possible to feed several people at once will turn out. From one crude egg mixed with milk huge omelet will turn out. The main thing, is correct to break a shell. To split it a knife as chicken, it will not be possible. Experienced manufacturers act this way: the electric drill they drill openings from above and from below, then substitute a bowl and blow contents. It is possible to try other way for which the hammer and a file will be necessary. A file accurately file the top part of a shell. Then the hammer punch the filed places and remove shell top as a cover. But this way demands a certain skill. Often farmers try to damage minimum a shell as it is possible to make original souvenirs which are in great demand of it.

Conclusion of ostrich's young growth (video)

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