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the Wild duck of a kryakv is a species of birds which can quite often be met in the territory of swamps and lakes. The bird differs in ability to consume everything that can appear nearby in food, and perfectly adapts to the most different conditions of stay. There is only one place where such species of ducks is not capable to grow and develop is Antarctica. To distinguish a female and a male of a kryakva quite perhaps even in the absence of skills in the field of ornithology as they different in a color.

As the Duck of a Kryakv at Liberty and in House Conditions Develops
the Wild duck of a kryakv is a species of birds which can quite often be met in the territory of swamps and lakes.

Description of breed

Kryakva can weigh up to 2 kg, it depends on the habitat of a duck, a type of a forage and existence or lack of nutritious components. Sometimes, having met both a male, and a samochka at once, it is possible to think that they treat various breeds as the drake of a kryakva has the plumage and the building significantly differing from those at his girlfriend.

The feature of a color of a female consists in ability to adapt to an environment in which it is necessary not only to stay, but also to survive, hide and raise the posterity. In general plumage has a brown shade, and on a belly it is more saturated. The beak possesses an olive or dark gray color. Pads of a female orange or red. the Drake is the real masterpiece of the nature having the following features:

  • dark green color on the head which quite often pours an emerald;
  • a neck with an accurate white border;
  • the breast and a craw are covered with feathers of chestnut color;
  • bright orange paws;
  • beak of exclusively olive color.

The feature of such color consists in derivation of attention from a female that sometimes helps to save posterity. As for a color of ducklings, it absolutely imperceptible and most often just brown. The ordinary kryakva has no distinctive striking traits if it is grown up under natural conditions. The duck of this look has a special and specific voice thanks to which she is heard and found by many hunters.

As the Duck of a Kryakv at Liberty and in House Conditions Develops
Kryakva differs in ability to consume everything that can appear nearby in food, and perfectly adapts to the most different conditions пребывания.

Немного about a voice of a bird

Originally can seem that a voice of a kryakva just the same, as well as at the ordinary duck who is grown up on a farm the poultry is a so-called new branch which went from relatives from the wild environment.

However the kryakva has a ringing and characteristic kryakanye, and during the pairing periods it changes that is explained by need to draw attention of partners. It differs from a usual kryakanye in addition of lingering peep. At females a voice louder and bright, than at the partner. As the male grunts, it is possible to hear quite seldom as his nature allocated with a bright and perceptible color for drawing attention.

Each of couple of ducks has certain distinctive features which help them to disappear in conditions of the wild environment and to save not only the lives, but also posterity. It is worth noticing that enough often many people interest efficiency of a kryakva, in particular that how many it is possible to receive eggs and meat from one unit.

If to consider the minimum indicator, then in 365 days it is possible to receive 60 eggs from one duck, however it should be taken into account the fact that the weight of duck eggs exceeds chicken twice. It allows to draw a conclusion that efficiency on eggs at a bird quite high.

Kryakva cannot lay more than 1 egg a day, periods when birds do not rush for several weeks are strong> and at times also. It is required for a respite and a set of forces. In general the meat and egg efficiency depends only on conditions of dwelling, food, existence in a diet of useful minerals.

of Feature of a kryakva (video)


Can be held in bondage

The Kryakovy duck can contain in agriculture that will allow to see essential differences from the wild growth and development. to Ducks is characteristic presence of certain external data. It:

  • beautiful plumage;
  • impressive dimensions;
  • unpretentiousness in food.

It became the reason of desire to part this species of birds in house conditions. They perfectly adapt to contents in open-air cages, however if the person wants to receive a qualitative meat product and considerable amount of eggs, it is required to provide to birds special care. If there is an incubator, then it is quite possible to be engaged in cultivation of ducks that will accelerate process of increase in population. The feature of contents is that the special and warmed shed is not required, perches – for a duck enough existence of a small lodge are not necessary to take cover from bad weather.

Birds got used to freedom, however can grow and develop in the conditions of the open-air cage. The lodge can be brick, wooden or concrete. the Bird will gain weight very actively in case there is an access to freedom, and therefore the open-air cage has to have essential dimensions. It is necessary to take care of that the top of the shelter was carefully closed. It will help to exclude a vyprygivaniye or ult birds and also penetration in the animals capable to do harm to pets.

If near the open-air cage there is a reservoir and the duck will be able to swim in it, then it will favorably affect her growth and development. If the natural source of water is absent, then it can be made independently. Ducks of this look have a unique distinctive feature. Difference from others that they do not change the place of stay seasonally. And therefore it will not be required to create certain conditions for keeping of a bird in the winter.

Gallery: duck of a kryakv (40 photos)

Food at contents in house conditions

Duck eggs and meat enjoy wide popularity, however, to receive a qualitative product, it will be required to take care of the correct feeding. Kryakva food significantly differs from other species of ducks which are intended for the contents in house conditions. For a set of weight the duck needs fertilizing by fish, and fresh. In the open-air cage where the bird lives, surely there has to be a sand which is a part of a diet of an animal.

have to be present At the menu of a kryakva:

  • cultures of a grain look;
  • herbs;
  • root crops;
  • plants of a water look;
  • vitamins;
  • larvae which they independently get from soil and water.

Insects are that product of which the owner of a duck will not need to think, however provided that the feathery pet has an access to the open ground. If the kryakva spends a large number of time in the fresh air, then it will actively grow and develop and also will allow the owner to receive excellent result in the form of meat.

As the Duck of a Kryakv at Liberty and in House Conditions Develops

Ducklings have to eat the eggs hard-boiled. A huge number of various forages which are intended for the different purposes and age of a kryakva goes on sale. There is, for example, a food for increase in a yaytsenoskost, a set of weight, improvement of the state of health, elimination of a disease.

it is important not to go too far in vitamins, as if it will be too much them, then the effect will be the return. Feathers can drop out, the animal becomes sluggish, gets sick or even dies. Feeding of ducks by black bread and products with the content of sugar, especially in a large number is strictly forbidden. It can become the cause of problems with health.

In the open-air cage with ducks surely there has to be clear and fresh water as these birds drink much.

As the Duck of a Kryakv at Liberty and in House Conditions Develops

Variety of types

Ornithologists consider that the wild kryakva is a primogenitor of all other species of ducks. However there is a peculiar classification of these animal species. In other words, the duck has a set of subspecies among which there are kryakva:

  • the black American;
  • the Hawaiian;
  • gray;
  • Pacific;
  • pestronosy.

As for a kryakanye, it identical at all also has differences only at females. Species of ducks are various in the habitat. For example, there are those who depart for the winter to warm regions, and those who can adapt even to the most hard frosts. The Hawaiian kryakva does not change the place of stay as lives only in warm regions.

There are such species of ducks which are just an object of adoration of photographers as they looks smartly and are not afraid to make contact with the person. The bright color, a loud voice and convenience of access allows to make interesting pictures. of Special attention deserve birds of black color – the American kryakva. can Meet representatives of this look in the territory of Canada.

Some ornithologists consider that earlier areas of dwelling of a kryakva ordinary and black significantly differed among themselves and exactly it allowed to keep purity of breed. Now practically in each small river the kryakv of one of types can meet. In the territory of Russia birds habitual to all among whom the drake has the green head most often live, and feathers of a samochka are painted in gray and brown colors. Ducklings of hybrid types began to meet quite often, and it is almost impossible to reveal the representative of pure breed.

As the Duck of a Kryakv at Liberty and in House Conditions Develops

In conclusion it is possible to note that the kryakva is a widespread species of ducks which can live in any conditions and is suitable for cultivation in the open-air cage for the purpose of receiving eggs and meat. It is quite possible to be engaged in independent removal of ducks, crossing breeds that will allow to increase productivity. The main thing – choosing a certain species of ducks, to carefully study features of their cultivation and also to study character of a bird in general. It will help to avoid serious problems and losses of units of a bird.

There are many hunters who are engaged not in cultivation, but shooting of birds that can be done only during a certain season and in the places which are specially intended for this purpose. If during hunting the nest is accidentally found, then you should not destroy it as each kryakva takes loss of posterity hard, and it can become the reason of her death.

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Kryakva are unique and undemanding species of ducks which differ in a color, food and the habitat. They can become an excellent object not only observations, but also cultivations in agriculture.

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