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the Small waterfowl Gogol belongs to extensive family of ducks. It has all signs, characteristic of relatives: short webby paws on which it clumsily rolls over on the land, a short and wide trunk, a flat beak. But Gogol's appearance is not absolutely usual, and the skilled hunter or the ornithologist recognizes him both in flight, and on water at first sight.

As the Zlatoglazy Bird a Duck-gogol Looks
the Small waterfowl Gogol treats the extensive уток

Характеристика family of appearance

Distinctive sign of Gogol ordinary – very large head. The top part its convex, has a little pointed form. Enhances visual effect a thin neck for which this head seems too massive. The official name of a genus of ducks (Bucephala) reflects this feature: in translation it means the bull head.

The bird is rather small: length of a trunk is less than 50 cm, and average live body weight fluctuates within 500-1000 g. On gogoly hunting in many regions of Russia is allowed, and they are considered as a quite good game.

As the Zlatoglazy Bird a Duck-gogol Looks
the Distinctive sign of Gogol ordinary – very large голова

Необыкновенно is beautiful ordinary Gogol in a marriage dress. At this time his breast, a paunch and sides become dazzling-white. The back gains contrast black color, and on white wings thin diagonal strips appear. The big head gets a metal green reflection, characteristic of the majority of ducks. At the beak basis on both sides of the head large white spots which and in flight allow to distinguish Gogol from other fellows are located.

Marriage couple is formed for 1 season, during the wintering. Arriving to places of nesting, Gogol begins the marriage dance. Handsome a drake swims before the beloved, extending a neck forward, and then the sharp movement throws back the head on a back, raising a beak vertically up. At this time he sings also the marriage song: the hoarse, whistling gnash. Making a start legs from water, it scatters the splashes which are brightly glinting in the sun. A modest gray female with the brown head it is captivated looks at the elect. Unusual dance was once the cause for comparison of the flaunting person with a tokuyushchy drake. Expression to strut about means literally demonstration of the superiority, external data or just defiant behavior.

Gallery: duck-gogol (50 photos)

dwelling Area

There is a set of versions where gogol live. Among scientists it is considered to be that ducks with the bull heads initially were found in the north of the American continent, and from there were settled also on a taiga zone of Asia. The area of birds in this region goes down far to the South, and gogoly it is possible to meet even in China. In the European part of the continent birds occupy only northern areas, seldom meeting already in the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

In these rather warm countries of a bird prefer to winter, migrating from the cold Areas of Siberia and Transbaikalia there. The set of gogoly meets in the territory of national park on Curonian Spit. In this protected zone of a bird winter, returning to places of nesting in the early spring. At nationalities of Eastern Siberia the arrival of ducks is considered the end of the winter period and coincides with thawing of ice on taiga lakes and the rivers. The exulting marriage dance of Gogol gave once a reason to consider that the duck kindles an ice crust and releases water, giving the chance to people again to catch fish and to hunt the returning water game.

of Feature of behavior

of the Detail of family life

How marriage dance of handsome Gogol was fine, family life at couple does not develop. Soon after the end of courting and fertilization of the girlfriend the male abandons her, providing to her to care for posterity all alone. Having replaced a smart wedding dress with the modest plumage reminding coloring of a female, Gogol is fed in the chosen location, convenient for life.

The female looks for to herself the suitable place for nesting. Usually it appears a hollow tree, an old nest of a woodpecker of a zhelna, dredging in roots of the foozle or the left animal hole near water. Old females remember location of convenient locations for removal of posterity and at once fly to habitual gnezdovyam, but young people should spend some time for search.

As the Zlatoglazy Bird a Duck-gogol Looks

Because of the choice of places, unusual to other representatives of duck family, in wood hollows there was a national name of Gogol – a duplenka. the Feature of birds was noticed by people: they began to do artificial nests in the form of the dredging loved by a bird in trunks. After the duck lays eggs there, they could be taken away for consumption. Gogolyam such address does not do harm as the female is capable to restore the disappeared laying 1-2 more times.

Usually in a nest there are 8-12 eggs of the size of small chicken. Careful mother hatches out ducklings within 30 days. Leaving on search of a forage, a laying she covers with own down, preventing cooling of eggs. In the last days of a nasizhivaniye (7-10 days) the duck-gogol ceases to leave a nest, selflessly providing reproduction and doing without food.

As the Zlatoglazy Bird a Duck-gogol Looks

Interesting facts

Unusual coloring of an iris of the eye of the eyes which are brightly allocated against the background of dark plumage of the large head gave a reason for the English name of beautiful ducks – Common goldeneye (the ordinary lacewing). Golden eyes are well noticeable and give to a bird expression of extreme interest. At ducklings of an eye have dark color, getting a characteristic zolotistost only to age of 3 months when they completely become independent.

ducklings go To the first flight already at 2-day age. the Yearned mother leaves a hollow and shouts calls baby birds for herself. Ducklings jump out of a nest and fall sometimes from big height, having spread wide wings and pads. Most often landing comes to an end successfully, the lightweight gives to baby birds advantage of soft landing. Having gone down to mother, they quickly master water elements, being accustomed to look for a forage during the first day of new life. Really ducklings will learn to fly only at the age of 2 months.

For life during the summer period, removal and cultivation of baby birds of a gogola choose quite deep lakes with a big mirror of free water, the slow rivers or sparsely populated other birds reservoirs in a boggy zone. The ability is deep to dive and float some distance under water allow ducks to be fed where cannot find food neither kryakva, nor swans with a long neck. The basis of a diet gogoly is made by water invertebrates, small fish, frogs and tadpoles. They eat both seaweed and okolovodny plants.

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