• Jan 14, 2020

Azure Grass Popugaychik

Azure grass popugaychik (Neophema pulchella)

Grass popugaychik


Azure grass popugaychik are small long-tailed birds with a length of body about 20 cm and 11 cm a tail, up to 36 гр. Males and females are painted differently. The top part of a trunk of a male is painted in grassy-green color, the lower part of a stomach flavovirent. A "front" part of the head and the top part of wings are painted in bright blue color. Shoulders are brick-red, on wings a strip of a red color. Tail and steering feathers in wings dark blue. Females are painted more modestly. The main coloring of a body green-brown, on the head and wings there are impregnations blue, but color is more indistinct. Females on inside of wings have white spots. Pads are pink-gray, a beak gray, eyes gray-brown.

Young individuals are painted as a female, however at males blue impregnations are slightly brighter.

Life expectancy at due leaving makes about 10 — 15 years.


World population of azure grass popugaychik totals more than 20.000 individuals, nothing threatens population. The look lives in southeast Australia, from southeast Queensland, from the South to the East and the North of Victoria. Keep at the height about 700 m above sea level in lowlands, on pastures and meadows, in forests, on coast of the rivers, in gardens, visit agricultural grounds. Meet the small flocks which are fed on the earth. Quite often spend the night in big packs.

Eat seeds of various herbs and plants.

Under favorable conditions can remove posterity twice a year. The nested period August-December, sometimes April — May. Nest in cavities and emptiness of trees, in crevices of rocks, in constructions of the person, often nested camera is located at a decent depth up to 1.5 meters. The female brings plant material in a nest, inserting it between tail feathers. In a laying usually 4 — 6 eggs which are hatched only by a female within 18 — 19 days. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of 4 — 5 weeks. Some more weeks parents feed up the baby birds to their full independence.


in the conditions of bondage azure grass popugaychik – quite pleasant birds. Unlike the majority of parrots, it have a low and melodious voice, they long live. However they have no abilities to imitation of the speech. And, without looking, at the small sizes, these birdies will demand for the maintenance of bigger space than other small parrots. In Europe and the countries with warm winter they can quite be supported in open open-air cages. In house conditions provide for a bird a cage, at least suitable for an average parrot, but the open-air cage will be the best decision. He has to settle down not on a draft, far away from heating devices and direct sunlight. In the open-air cage it is necessary to establish poles with bark of the necessary diameter at the different levels. In a cage there have to be feeding troughs, drinking bowls, a kupalka. A swing will be suitable for entertainment of parrots, ropes, a great idea will be the furazhilka and koposhilka located on a floor. These parrots very much like to dig in the earth in the nature therefore such entertainment in house conditions it will be very much on temper. This species of parrots should not be contained with others, even larger bird species as they can behave quite aggressively, especially during the marriage period.
The Azure Grass Popugaychik Sits on a Grass


will be suitable a forage with a fine grain For azure grass popugaychik. In structure have to be: different grades of a millet, canary seed, small amount of oats, hemp, buckwheat and seeds of sunflower. Offer pets a Senegalese millet, a chumiza and a payza in cones. Do not forget about greens, germinated seeds of cereals, seeds of weeds. From greens offer different types of salads, a mangold, a dandelion, a wood louse. In a diet also there have to be various fruit, berries and vegetables — carrots, beet, a vegetable marrow, apples, pears, bananas, etc. With pleasure of a birdie will gnaw also a branch forage. In a cage there have to be sources of minerals, calcium — sepia, mineral mix, chalk.


In order that azure grass popugaychik had a posterity, they need to create the corresponding conditions. It is better to be engaged in cultivation in the open-air cage. Before suspension of a lodge, birds have to fly, be much in the corresponding standard, not to be relatives, перелинять. The minimum age for cultivation is not younger than year. For preparation for cultivation to birds gradually increase light day, do more various a diet, enter protein feeds, germinated grain of a bird have to receive more. After two weeks, to the open-air cage suspend a lodge with sizes of 20х20х30 cm and letky 6 — 7 cm. In a lodge it is necessary to fill deciduous sawdust. After wrecking by a female of the first egg, from a diet it is necessary to remove animal protein, and to return it only at birth of the first baby bird. After baby birds leave a lodge, they are usually very timid. Therefore when cleaning the open-air cage all movements have to be accurate and quiet. After young individuals become independent, it is better to transplant them to other open-air cage as parents can show to them aggression.

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