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 two belobryukhy ryzhegolovy parrots on a pole
Despite the very bright appearance, not often support these birds in house conditions. They infrequently meet on sale. However, possess quite unpleasant and loud voice. It is possible to refer to shortcomings also their a little persuasive character and difficult learning ability. Birds have quite developed intelligence, are capable to open locks.
Quite not bad get used to the person, however to imitation of the speech low abilities, however repeat sounds with pleasure. If you consider these birds as potential pets, watch videos about these parrots — they can funny jump on the place as the got toys or even to dance, lie on a back, to somersault, they are sociable. However, if you are not ready to pay to a bird enough attention, but the decision to buy such parrots steadily, get couple.
Usually, the cost of ryzhegolovy belobryukhy parrots is higher, than black-headed, in view of their rarity. For future owners the fact that these birds have tendency to bite can be one more unpleasant surprise, the bird will need to be disaccustomed to this habit, distracting her attention to toys. Birds are very mobile therefore if you noticed a motionless caique out of the dream period, it is worth thinking for his state of health. They can spoil furniture, wall-paper and other things.
of the Bird long live (more than 20 years), you remember this responsibility at decision-making.

With other species of these parrots it is better not to contain as they are quite pugnacious, males are often lifted up and can even cripple each other. The created couple very tremblingly and gently belongs to each other.

Maintenance and care of belobryukhy parrots  two белобрюхтх cherogolovy parrot

will be suitable For couple of birds a cage with the minimum sizes of 61х61х92 cm, it is better if it is the strong open-air cage with big sizes. A cage it is necessary to arrange in a light part of the room, not on a draft, and without heating devices close. In the room there has to be comfortable quite warm air temperature. In a cage there have to be toys, furazhilka where the bird will spend a free time.

In a cage have to be established poles with bark of the necessary size, a feeding trough and a drinking bowl. You should not forget also about hygiene as these birds are a little careless in food. Birds can also offer a kupalka with water of room temperature.

Feeding of belobryukhy parrots

In a diet of these birds a ratio of juicy and grain forages has to be approximately equal. Grain mix will be suitable for average parrots. Mix has to be clean, fresh, without foreign impurity and smells. It is necessary to fill it in a separate feeding trough. In another there have to be constantly fresh resolved fruit, vegetables, greens. Offer parrots germinated cereals, semi-ready porridges without additives. It is possible to flavor porridge, for example, with fruit puree or berries.

After meal, all unfinished remains of juicy forages it is necessary to remove as they have property quickly to spoil, especially in hot weather. Also parrots will not refuse fresh branches of trees with bark, fruit-trees, a willow, a linden, a birch for this purpose will approach. Do not forget about sources of minerals — sepia, chalk and mineral mix have to be present at a separate feeding trough constantly.

 the belobryukhy parrot eats orange Reproduction of belobryukhy parrots

These birds quite infrequently breed in bondage, most often in the conditions of captive contents, it is desirable to keep in the summer fowls in the street open-air cage where birds will have an opportunity to acquire "tan". The size of a nested lodge is 25х25х40 cm, a letok of 7 cm. Heterosexual couple is necessary for cultivation, for sex determination it is possible to use the DNA test.
can allow birds To cultivation not more young than 3 years, they have to be healthy, refading, moderately well-fed.
Unfortunately, in references often write about unsuccessful cultivation, some manufacturers achieved results in 3 — 5 years of attempts. Before suspension of a lodge, birds need to be prepared for cultivation — to increase gradually light day till 14 o'clock by means of artificial lighting and to add to a forage diet, rich with protein and vitamins (boiled eggs, germinated grain, etc.).

After emergence of the first egg these specific forages needs to be removed from a diet before appearance of the first baby bird. In a laying usually 2 — 4 eggs which are hatched by a female the male sometimes substitutes it. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of 10 weeks, but parents still some time feed up them.

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