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Big zheltokhokhly parrot (Cacatua galerita)




of the Cockatoo


of the Cockatoo

 Big zheltokhokhly parrot of a photo

On a photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance and description of a big zheltokhokhly parrot

The big zheltokhokhly parrot is a korotkokhvosty parrot with an average length of body about 50 cm and up to 975 g. The main color of a body white, on a bottom side of wings and a tail yellowish feathers. The cop is long, yellow. The Okologlaznichny ring is deprived of feathers of a white color. The beak is powerful gray-black. Females of a big zheltokhokhly parrot differ from males in color of eyes. At males of a big zheltokhokhly parrot of an eye brown-black, at females — orange-brown.
Is known 5 subspecies of a big zheltokhokhly parrot which differ in coloring elements, the sizes and an area of dwelling.
Life expectancy of a big zheltokhokhly parrot at due leaving — about 65 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of a big zheltokhokhly parrot

A look the big zheltokhokhly parrot lives in a northern and vostochny part of Australia, on the islands of Tasmania and the Kangaroo and also in New Guinea. The look is under protection in Indonesia, however is subject to poaching. Also suffers from loss of habitats. Big zheltokhokhly parrots live in various forests, in forests near swamps and the rivers, in mangrove thickets, agricultural grounds (including palm plantations and rice fields), savannas and near the cities.
In Australia stick to height to 1500 meters above sea level, in Popua-New Guinea up to 2400 meters.
In a diet of a big zheltokhokhly parrot seeds of various herbs, weeds, various roots, nuts, berries, flowers, insects. Visit agricultural grounds with corn and wheat.
generally do not wander, but sometimes fly between islands. Sometimes get off in multispecific packs up to 2000 individuals. Big zheltokhokhly parrots in pre-dawn hours are most active. Usually behave it is quite noisy and is noticeable.

 Big zheltokhokhly parrot of a photo

On a photo: big zheltokhokhly parrot. Photo: maxpixel.net

Reproduction of a big zheltokhokhly parrot

Usually big zheltokhokhly parrots nest in hollows of trees on coast of the rivers at the height up to 30 meters. In a laying, as a rule, 2 — 3 eggs. Both parents within 30 days hatch.

Baby birds of a big zheltokhokhly parrot leave a nest at the age of about 11 weeks. Several months parents feed up baby birds.



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