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It is considered div that a bird the jay received the name from the Old Russian word meaning "shine". Bird really bright and active. Its blue feathers as though shine everywhere where she appears.

Bird jay: the description, the habitat, a way of life Is considered
that a bird the jay received the name from the Old Russian word meaning “сияниå”

Известные specific characteristics

This bird treats a genus of jays of family of vranovy. As an example it is possible to take look parameters a jay ordinary. They are the following:

  1. By the sizes the bird represents something between a blue rock pigeon and a sparrow, in length without exceeding 40 cm with a tail.
  2. About its appearance it is possible to tell that she manages to combine modesty with bright plumage. The body is painted in imperceptible beige color in the forest. On a breast feathers are slightly lighter, than on a back. However and bright wings are very elegant. Each swing feather of a jay at the basis is painted in saturated-blue color with even cross strips. The small cop on the head supplements a dress.
  3. The tail is long, direct, mainly black. At the basis of a tail and around a rump feathers of purely white color are located.
  4. The adult individual about 200 g weighs
Bird jay: the description, the habitat, a way of life
the Jay does not like to sit down on the earth is not it стихия

Эта the birdie does not differ in a beautiful voice. She is capable only to sharp and shrill shout. However she after all has vocal skills - it is the peresmeshnitsa-bird capable to reproduce a set of sounds including a voice of the person, and with maintaining all intonations and features of a timbre.

Character at these birds sociable. They willingly get off in the mixed packs in search of a forage. They fly promptly, but flight lasts not for long. As the forest inhabitant, a jay does not like to sit down on the earth is not its elements. She prefers to scurry about between branches, making short flights from a tree to a tree.

As well as the majority vranovy, these birds undertake function of patrol. At appearance of the person, a cat, marten and other dangerous animals the jay sharp shouts gives the alarm, warning all about danger.

That is eaten by a jay (video)

Specific variety

Only one species of a jay – ordinary is known to inhabitants of a midland. In the nature there are about 44 species of these birds.

All of them differ in a combination of a strong constitution to ease and even grace. At a genus of a jay the streamline body, rather small beak, thin, but very tenacious legs, long, as at a soroka, a tail reckon. Many representatives carry a signature cop – a bunch of feathers which at some all the time sticks out, at others rises only at the time of excitement.

As a rule, at all jays the beak, eyes and legs are painted in dark colors. But plumage almost always has blue-violet shades. However at different types this color gamut is expressed differently. Most of all blue in plumage of a one-color shrubby jay – she is painted completely. At a purple multi-colored jay violet color is noticeable only at bright lighting.

Bird jay: description, habitat, way of life

The decorated jay differs in a combination of dark, but saturated shades: on the head feathers black, on a back and wing sheaths they violet-blue, and other body has colors, chestnut with a violet shade.

From this rule there are some exceptions. For example, all green jays of really such color with yellowish shades. And only on the head and under a beak they have bright blue spots emphasized with a saturated-black shirtfront.

the Interesting fact – these birds are not painted in blue color . Just on feathers light refracts in microscopic grooves. If to take a separate feather and to crush it, then blue color will not be trace and.

Gallery: bird jay (33 photos)

Area and conditions of dwelling

These birds live in North and South America and also in Eurasia. Most of all types are concentrated in South and Central America and Mexico. Especially there is a lot of endemics here.

The area of our ordinary jay is extraordinary extensive. This bird is widespread from Great Britain and Norway to Siberia and China in the east. Her relative the jay decorated lives in Japan, and the crested Malayan jay prefers to lodge in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The American blue jay is widespread in forests of Canada and a northern part of the USA. Unusual representatives of this sort – saksaulny jays live in Central Asia.

the Typical biotope of these birds – the wood, as a last resort – light forests and bushes. Each look has the addictions to habitats. Some give preference to mature forest stands with big hollow trees. Others like light forests more and edges as there the stern is more. The Saksaulny jays representing, it seems, an exception to the rules nest nevertheless on a bush, on trees in oases. The name of these birds says that this look prefers the saksaulovy woods. Sometimes among sands the valid whole woods grow from a saxaul, but them in Central Asia remained very little.

Bird jay: description, habitat, way of life

of Feature of food

Any jay eats mainly animal food, but in its diet there are also vegetable forages. This bird can eat :

  • bird's eggs;
  • foreign baby birds;
  • lizards;
  • frogs;
  • geckoes;
  • tree frogs;
  • insects;
  • worms;
  • myriapods;
  • spiders;
  • fruit and berries;
  • acorns and nuts;
  • seeds, including coniferous plants;
  • grains on fields;
  • peanut;
  • potatoes.

For certain this description not full. Not for nothing this bird treats vranovy. This family is famous for the representatives capable to eat everything that is somehow edible. These birds and difficult behavior differ.

Bird jay: description, habitat, way of life

Jays eat mainly vegetable food in the winter, if some mouse, of course, will not turn up. In the fall, snow did not lay down yet, the bird is fed on the fields cleaned already, in gardens and kitchen gardens. At this particular time the strengthened preparations of food in secluded places begin. Everything that large (acorns, corn grains, nuts) keeps within in the natural look. Small seeds are moistened with saliva and roll down in balls. So they will not scatter, they should not be looked for then.

As storerooms cracks in bark, the rotted-through sites of stubs, forks of trees, poles in a moss are used. These storerooms are plain, but there is a lot of them – more than 2 thousand preparations during the season from one bird. The autumn passion of preparations results also in passion of fraud. Some birds, having peeped for neighbors, begin to ruin their stocks, transferring someone else's food to the storerooms. And as fraud is characteristic of individuals of all look, at a big congestion of birds competitions in detection and transfer of others stocks begin.

Robberies can extend also to stocks of other animals. Jays quite can steal several nutlets from squirrels and chipmunks. The American jays are engaged in robbery of acorn woodpeckers. Such situation of general crime leads to the fact that competitions in technology of laying and masking of stocks begin. Each bird before hiding a food, long looks round on the parties, flies from place to place, "covering up tracks". Only having convinced that nobody monitors actions of the supplier, she bury the brought food.

Bird jay: description, habitat, way of life

Reproduction and nesting

The sexual dimorphism at these birds is not developed so it is almost impossible to distinguish externally a male from a female. But they are monogamous – couple is created for the rest of life one of partners. If someone perishes, then the male or a female form couple with other partner.

Nesting happens time in a year – in the early spring. Sometimes if bumper-crop year, especially on seeds of coniferous plants, jays can bring baby birds once again. Repeated nesting is made also in case of death of the first laying.

The nest of a jay is arranged in the form of a bowl on trees, is more rare – on bushes or structures of the person. The nest consists of branches, lichens and other plant material. Inside for convenience of baby birds it is covered mainly by feathers. At nests there are also materials borrowed from the person. Saksaulny jays do a nest with a roof – for protection against the scorching sun.

3-6 eggs are laid usually. The female within two weeks hatches them. Children are brought up by both parents. This process of days 20 lasts.

As is sung by a jay (video)

After a departure from a nest fate of baby birds is differently. Strong and impudent remain with parents, weak are pushed aside far away from the nested site. And one baby bird of a jay (he is chosen by parents) remains in family and the next year, helping to raise the younger brothers and sisters.

Family life of jays can seem cruel, but natural selection by humanity does not differ. Practice of purpose of the former baby birds by family assistants increases survival of the subsequent baby birds, strengthening the position of all look.

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