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Black-headed parrot, black-headed aratinga, nandy (Nandayus nenday)






Black-headed parrots

 Black-headed aratinga of a photo

On a photo: black-headed aratinga (black-headed parrot nandy). Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance of a black-headed parrot (nandy)

A black-headed parrot (nandy) – an average long-tailed parrot with a length of body about 30 cm and up to 140 гр. The main color of a body green, the head to area behind eyes black-brown. On a throat a strip of a bluish color. The belly is more olive. Swing feathers in wings blue. Nadkhvostye bluish, podkhvostya gray-brown. Orange shins. The beak is black, paws gray. Okologlaznichny ring naked and white or gray.
Life expectancy of a black-headed parrot (nandy) at the correct leaving – up to 40 years.

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of a black-headed parrot (nandy)

Black-headed parrots (nandy) live in a southeast part of Bolivia, a northern part of Argentina, In Paraguay and Brazil. Besides, there are 2 introduced populations in the USA (Florida, Los Angeles, South Carolina) and North America. In Florida population totals several hundreds of individuals.
Stick to height about 800 meters above sea level. Prefer lowlands, pastures of cattle.
Eat black-headed parrots (nandy) fruit, seeds, various parts of plants, nuts, berries, often visit and cause a loss to crops.
At food on the earth parrots are quite clumsy, however in flight are very maneuverable and mobile. Often stick to an average tier. Usually meet in packs in several dozens of birds. On a watering place can arrive with other species of parrots. Behave it is quite noisy.

 Black-headed parrot of a photo

On a photo: black-headed aratinga (black-headed parrot nandy). Photo: flickr.com

Reproduction of a black-headed parrot (nandy)

The nested season of a black-headed parrot (nandy) in the natural habitat falls on November. Often nests arrange with small colonies. Nest in hollows of trees. The female lays from 3 to 5 eggs and hatches them independently about 24 days. Baby birds of a black-headed parrot (nandy) leave a nest at the age of about 8 weeks. Parents still feed up them several weeks.

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