• Sep 19, 2019
Changes, as a rule, demands first-aid treatment in the form of imposing of the tire from a parrot.

How to impose the tire to a parrot at a change

1. First of all, properly feed a popugaychik and for a while leave alone that he slightly calmed down. Exception: the severe bleeding which is not allowing the slightest delay. In this case it is necessary to address urgently the veterinarian, otherwise the bird can die.
2. It is possible to give from the pipette several drops of water with addition of glucose or sugar.
3. Prepare all necessary for bandaging:
  • disinfectant
  • sterile gauze
  • towel
  • small scissors
  • adhesive plaster
  • cardboard
  • fabric
  • tweezers.
4. Cut off several tapes of an adhesive plaster that they were near at hand.
5. If at a bird an open wound, it is necessary to process it peroxide of hydrogen and to cover with a gauze tampon.
6. In state of shock the bird rushes about. To limit its movements, take a sock with the cut-through opening. Diameter of an opening has to coincide with the size of a head of a parrot. Other opening becomes for the injured pad or a wing. Put this sock on a bird, push a head and the injured extremity in openings. You watch that the popugaychik could breathe freely.
7. If the popugaychik continues to worry, throw with a piece of fabric to it the head. However you watch that it did not prevent breath.
8. You pass to imposing of the tire. Do not squeeze a parrot too strongly not to break still something.
of Ointment is not recommended to be applied as from their application feathers stick together, and the bird feels strong concern.

the Trauma covered at a parrot

a wing Injury at a parrot is very dangerous as the slightest movement is fraught with the shift of bones. Therefore any damage will demand serious approach.
If you have no experience of imposing of tires, you will hardly cope independently. Therefore it is better to address the veterinarian. Besides, the doctor will be able to make anesthesia that will save your feathery friend from the most severe pain.
in case of impossibility to bring a bird to clinic, it is possible to follow the following recommendations.
At a wing fracture at a parrot needs to impose the tire immediately. If the joint is simply displaced, the tire is not necessary, there is enough bandaging by means of bandage.
the Shift of a joint begins to live for several days, a change — in 2 — 3 weeks. But if the nerve is injured, recovery will take more time.
If a change serious, the bird holds one wing much below, than another. If the wing joint is broken, the bone can incorrectly grow together.
Attentively examine a bird to understand, the change closed or opened.
At an open change is visible the part of a bone which is sticking out of skin. Here tires on both sides of a wing are necessary. If the change closed a bone does not stick out. In this case the tire is imposed only on the one hand the injured wing.
the Wound needs to be disinfected hlorgeksidiny, miramistiny or hydrogen peroxide. Alcohol cannot be used — it causes burns! If feathers got to a wound, take them by means of tweezers.
the Broken bone accurately returns to the place, skin carefully connects.
has to be so hard not to allow bone shift.
Before imposing of the tire under it is enclosed a gauze or bandage.
the Adhesive plaster helps to fix the tire more reliably.
Completely wings cannot be redressed as the popugaychik will not be able to keep balance.
At changes is shown an osteosynthesis (connection of otlomk of bones) as it allows a bird to fly again.

After that the bird should be placed in a small cage to limit the movement. A drinking bowl and a feeding trough to arrange as it is possible closer to the patient.

Whenever possible, contact the veterinarian for consultation and further appointments.

a pad Injury at a parrot

the Scheme of actions is similar described above. The wound is anyway washed out and disinfected.

Limit to
movements of a popugaychik. For this purpose bandage tie wings to a body.

to separate pads, it is possible to put between them the small fabric roller.

is imposed only from outer side of a pad. You watch that it did not rub a wound.

to avoid an infection, every day disinfect a wound, using the pipette.

the Closed change begins to live in 2 — 3 weeks. After that the tire can be removed.

For the period of treatment replace poles in a cage with flat and wide shelves evenly to distribute weight on both paws.

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