• Jan 14, 2020

 black-headed rosella

Black-headed rosella ( Platycercus venustus )

of the Rosella


the Average long-tailed parrot with a length of body up to 28 cm and up to 100 гр. A body, as well as at all rosellas, brought down, the head of the small size, a beak large. A color quite motley — the head, a nape and a back brown-black with yellow borderings of some feathers. Cheeks white with a blue fringing from below. Breast, paunch and zheltovata nadkhvostya. Feathers around a foul place and a podkhvostya scarlet. Shoulders, planimetric feathers of wings and tail blue. At females coloring more pale also prevails more brown shade on the head. Males usually have more massive beak more largely by the size. The look includes 2 subspecies differing from each other in coloring elements.
At the correct leaving life expectancy makes about 10 — 12 years.


Black-headed rosellas live in the north of Australia and are endemics. The look meets also in the west of Australia. Meet at the height of 500 — 600 m above sea level in savannas, along coast of the rivers, on edges, along roads and also in the mountain area. Can live near human constructions.
Usually not shumna, are timid, it is quite difficult to meet them, fowls by small flocks up to 15 individuals are kept. Can adjoin to other species of rosellas. This species of rosellas seldom goes down from trees, they carry out the main part of the life in kroner.
Population of this look is numerous and stable.
the Diet consists of vegetable forages — seeds, kidneys, flowers of plants, nectar and seeds of acacias, eucalyptuses. Sometimes include insects in a diet.


the Nested season falls on May — September. For reproduction choose usually hollows in eucalyptus trees. The female lays 2 — 4 white eggs in a nest and hatches them. The incubatory period lasts about 20 days. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of 4 — 5 weeks, however several weeks after parents feed up them. Within a year the young growth can stick to parents.

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