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Annulate parrots


Chinese annulate parrot


Length of a body of the Chinese annulate parrot reaches 40 — 50 cm, tail length — 28 cm. The most part of plumage is painted in green color, a bridle and a forehead black, and head top bluish-black. The wide strip of black color passes the heads from the lower part of a beak on each side. Breast and neck blue-gray. Steering feathers from below blue-green color, and from above — blue-gray. Top part of a beak of a male red, podklyuvya of black color. The beak of a female is entirely painted in black color.
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the Chinese annulate parrots live up to 30 years.


the Chinese annulate parrots inhabit the Southeast of Tibet, the Southwest of China and the island of Hainan (South China Sea). They live in long-boled tropical forests and woody sites of highlands (up to 4000 meters above sea level).

These parrots prefer to keep family groups or small packs. As a forage for them serve seeds, fruit, nuts and green parts of plants.


Character and temperament

the Chinese parrots are very interesting room birds. They have thick language, fine hearing and remarkable memory therefore they with ease remember and reproduce words, imitate the human speech. And quickly study various amusing tricks.

But at the same time they have quite sharp, unpleasant voice, sometimes they are loud.

Maintenance and leaving

is required to the Chinese annulate parrot a strong and spacious cage, horizontal and rectangular, all-metal, equipped with the good lock. Rods have to be horizontal.

Surely release
a bird to do some flying in the safe room. It will help to prevent obesity and will well affect the general condition and development of the feathery friend.

Surely place
in a toy cage for large parrots as they at once will put small toys out of commission.

the Cage is placed in the place protected from drafts, at the level of eyes. One party has to be turned to a wall — so the parrot will feel more comfortably and safely.

Ideal temperature indoors: +22 … +25 degrees.

of the Feeding trough and drinking bowl are cleaned every day. Toys and poles wash as required. Every week the cage needs to be washed and disinfected, every month disinfect the open-air cage. Every day clean a cage bottom, twice a week — half of the open-air cage.

As required replace with
use objects (poles, toys, feeding troughs, etc.)


the Chinese annulate parrots eat with
all species of grain crops. Barley, peas, wheat and corn are presoaked previously. Oats, a millet and seeds of sunflower are given in a dry form.

the Chinese annulate parrots eat with
"dairy" corn with pleasure, and it is necessary for baby birds.

Surely all the year round have to be present at a diet vitamin forages: greens (especially dandelion leaves), vegetables, fruit and berries (mountain ash, wild strawberry, currant, cherry, bilberry, etc.)

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