• Sep 18, 2019

It is simple to organize cultivation of wavy parrots in house conditions.

For a start it is necessary to be prepared by for cultivation of parrots in house conditions .

 wavy parrot of a photo

the female of a wavy popugaychik lays the First eggs approximately in 10 days after pairing.

increases on 1 egg Further a day until in a laying there are from 4 to 8 eggs. But the nasizhivaniye begins with the moment of emergence of the first egg. Only the female hatches out baby birds, the male gets livelihood at this time and otrygivat to a female of sterns. You should not disturb birds without emergency.
 cultivation of wavy parrots
For the 18th day are born baby birds. On this significant event you will be notified by silent peep. Baby birds hatch approximately each 2 days, blind, naked and absolutely helpless. All this time the female warms kids and almost does not leave from a nest.
 a baby bird of a wavy parrot As soon as the strengthened baby birds can independently eat
, the female has a desire somewhat quicker to get new children, and she begins to peck "starshenky" mercilessly. So young popugaychik it is better to transplant. Usually they leave a lodge in 28 — 35 days after the birth. Approximately up to 38 — 42 days they are fed still by a male, however then they become absolutely independent.
Should not allow the second laying right after the first. The female needs rest. Therefore the lodge just cleans up.

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 wavy parrots of a photo Consider
that as soon as the first baby bird hatched, the female needs the strengthened food so add to her diet rich with protein, vitamins and mineral substances products .

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