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Canary bramblings


Domestic canary

Group of breeds Decorative canaries

Decorative canaries treat canaries with certain characteristics and shapes of a body group of breeds, with the changed properties of plumage.

The most unusual breeds of decorative canaries are humpbacked canaries (only 5 types). Length of their body is about 20 - 22 cm. The name of group of breeds speaks for itself. Birds have very bizzare shape of a body. At rest of a bird have almost vertical landing, and here the neck is curved at an angle as if the canary stoops. The Belgian humpbacked canary is brought more than 200 years ago. The color of plumage can be any, however it should be noted that cops at these birds do not happen, plumage at them smooth.

also Dzhibaso treats this group of breeds Scottish humpbacked, Munich, Japanese humpbacked.

Except humpbacked canaries, carry so-called figured canaries to group of decorative. There is a wish to note Norvichsky breed. These are large birdies with a length of body about 16 cm, they have a large body, short paws and a tail. Their plumage quite magnificent, there can be hokholok, the color of plumage varies. To figured also carry Spanish decorative, Bern, Yorkshire canaries and also Border and Mini-бордера. All of them quite strongly differ from each other.

I will mark out also crested and curly canaries who have various modifications of a feather.

Breed of a canary Lizard has unique plumage as the drawing on a feather reminds scales of a lizard, from here and such name appeared. The first mention of this breed belongs to 1713. Colors of this breed can vary — white, yellow, red. Length of a body is about 13 - 14 cm

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