• Sep 19, 2019
Wavy parrots have good immunity, the correct leaving and qualitative food — sufficient conditions for long and healthy life of a bird. But sometimes the pet nevertheless can get sick … What symptoms of the main diseases of wavy parrots and how to treat them?

Main diseases of wavy parrots


Sharp change of temperature affects a wavy parrot perniciously, and any draft can become an etiology. Therefore window leaves and windows indoors where there lives a parrot, have to be closed. If the pet nevertheless got sick, your task – to give first aid.
  1. Warm a bird by means of a lamp. The cage from three parties is curtained a towel, and direct the 40 — 60 watts lamp to the open party at distance of 20 cm. It is possible to apply menthol oil (eucalyptus).
  2. Add camomile broth to a drinking bowl, at the same time water changes at least time at 12 o'clock as such solution quickly turns sour. It is also possible to add to water vitamin (ampoule) or several drops of lemon juice, water in that case changes daily.
  3. Make inhalations with oil of a tea tree.
However consider
that all this is only supportive applications which can facilitate a state, but will not cure a parrot. Therefore as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

Ticks and other parasites

Parasites not just disturb a bird, but can infect also you, and other pets. Therefore do not pull on a visit to the veterinarian.
Parasites happen several types:
  1. Tracheal tick. Popugaychik often throws back the head, the breath whistling and complicated, he belches the eaten food and coughs. If not to treat the pet, he, most likely, will die from suffocation. Surely transplant the diseased in a separate cage and strictly observe the recommendations of the veterinarian.
  2. Red bird's tick. Skin of a parrot becomes sulfur, on mucous and on muscles there is an inflammatory process. If a disease not to treat, the bird can die.
  3. Scabby tick. Affects paws, a voskovitsa and a beak, the bird suffers from an ongoing itch and till it bleeds combs the struck place. If to start a disease, the beak is deformed, and fingers and even the whole extremities can be lost.
  4. Helminth. They live in digestive tract. The parrot grows thin, becomes apathetic. Besides treatment, the quarantine can be required.
  5. Biting louse. The parrot is constantly scratched and if attentively to examine a bird, it is possible to notice dark small points (about 2 mm in the diameter). Besides processing of a parrot special medicines, disinfection of a cage is required.


leads Deficiency of vitamins to serious consequences: to spasms, anemia, rickets, death of embryos, inflammation century. Your task – to provide to a bird the healthy and balanced nutrition. However be not fond: the surplus of vitamins can also lead to sad consequences. Observe the recommendations of experts.


This infectious disease caused by salmonellas — colibacilli. Be careful — it the disease is dangerous to the person!

  • the Diarrhea (a dung — greenish-orange color, sometimes — with blood impurity).
  • General exhaustion.
  • Conjunctivitis.
  • Slackness.
  • Posineniye of a beak and extremities.
Treatment is appointed by the veterinarian, as a rule is a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately, treatment is not always effective: the popugaychik can die. Therefore the best way of fight against a disease – prevention. Add vitamin mixes to a forage.

is Also developed the vaccine against salmonellosis.


the Metabolic disorder can cause a surplus of uric acid and also salt in blood. The disease is artful as the initial stage has no expressed symptoms, and it is easy to start it.
  • Whitish small knots around joints and sinews.
  • Puffiness.
If a disease to start
, the pet can die. Also gout can become chronic, and this form badly responds to treatment.
Prevention: providing parrot with a qualitative, full-fledged forage.
you Remember the main thing: at emergence of any disturbing symptoms it is necessary to address the veterinarian as soon as possible. The delay in this case is literally similar to death. Whether you are ready to risk the pet's life?

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