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the Bird the swallow treats the family of the same name, group of sparrow. Now swallows can be met on all globe except for Antarctica and Australia. She easily adapts to environmental conditions and well gets on even in the urban environment, often settling directly under roofs of human housing and without being afraid of such neighbourhood at all.

Friendly bird swallow: the description and a way of life
the Bird a swallow belongs to the family of the same name, воробьиных

Описание group of a swallow

The swallow, the description which should be begun with appearance is a little similar to a martin though she with it in relationship does not consist. The similarity is given by long wings and a tail. In the world total 79 species of swallows, but are most known:

  • coastal;
  • city;
  • rural.

Among themselves they differ in a color and the place where they equip nests. The appearance of a swallow speaks about her fitness to fast flights: narrow wings, streamline body and long tail. Length of a little body fluctuates within 6-23 cm. Weight varies from 10 to 60 g. All indicators correspond to characteristics of little birds. Wingspan of a swallow of 30 cm. It is possible to recognize a little bird by traditional dark blue plumage which in the sun casts metal gloss.

It is interesting that the bird possesses weak and short pads. Some representatives of a sort are not even capable to keep on branches. And here tenacious claws allow to be hooked with ease for stones and steep rocks. The male swallow looks in the same way as women's. And even baby birds externally differ in nothing from parents. It is not possible to distinguish a male from a female to the person.

Feeding of baby birds (video)

Way of life

In the warm regions with a temperate climate of a swallow lead a settled life. And if the frigid climate, then for the winter a bird departs on the South. Migration for a migratory bird – process heavy and even life-threatening. Twice a year they overcome huge distances. Because of bad weather conditions in flight the whole packs can perish.

Friendly bird swallow: the description and a way of life
swallows can be met Now on all globe except for Antarctica and Australia

of the Bird eat only insects. Flies, butterflies, mosquitoes and bugs enter a diet. Process of feeding is carried out directly on the fly. And even the birdie feeds the baby birds in air. The swallow in flight is capable to gather speed to 120 km/h. It should be noted that the bird spends 95% of the time in flight and very seldom falls by the earth.

It is seldom possible to meet lonely swallows – they are friendly and live densely, the whole families. Such behavior is justified, in case of danger all pack begins to turn around the enemy and can banish even a large predator. Are not afraid of a swallow and the person. City – funnels – even build the nests over houses of people. There is a sign that if funnels constructed the nest under a roof of the dwelling of the person, then he will bring happiness and a cosiness to this house.

Friendly bird swallow: description and way of life

Reproduction and care of posterity

With arrival of spring the migratory bird begins to form couple. It is necessary to tell that a swallow – the one-woman man and the partner at her always for a long time. Of course, there were polygamy cases, but it is rather an exception to the rules. To draw attention of a female, the male spreads a tail and begins to chirp loudly. At the beginning of summer of a bird begin to copulate. In total during the season the female hatches out 2 broods of baby birds.

On average the female lays from 4 to 7 eggs. Hatch out both of them the representative of family. All process takes about 16 days. The size of the hatched chickabiddies very small – up to 4 cm. They are born without feathers and absolutely helpless. The posterity is looked after by both parents. It is interesting that mother and the father bring up the baby birds only 3 weeks. After that them some more days learn to fly and catch insects, and then young individuals leave a parental nest and adjoin the general pack.

Friendly bird swallow: description and way of life

Average life expectancy of a swallow makes 4 years. In rare instances – 8 years. To reproduction of posterity the bird ripens in a year after the birth. The first time young individuals hatch out smaller amount of eggs, than in all the subsequent.

Interesting facts

The ornithologists who in detail studied swallows willingly share interesting and to very few people the known facts from life of these birds. For example:

  1. The bird eats much therefore the most part of time is spent on search of food. During a day of baby birds feed more than 300 times!
  2. During feeding fowls try to be kept by a row. Among themselves they have something in common peep.
  3. There is a sign that if swallows fly low to the earth, means there will be a rain. However not all know that to it there is a scientific justification. The matter is that before a rain the humidity of air increases. It makes heavier plumage, and therefore the bird goes down below to the earth.
  4. In translation from the Baltic languages the word lakstiti means "to fly", as gave the name to a bird.
  5. The rural swallow is a symbol of Estonia. In honor of it in 2008. The national bank of the country even released a coin of 100 kroner. Circulation was 3000 copies.
  6. Besides, a swallow – big the slogger. She has seldom a rest, spending all the time in air.

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