• Sep 19, 2019
the Correct feeding of parrots — guarantee of their longevity and health, therefore, you should approaching the matter responsibly. Consider that food from your table can conceal danger of death. What grain mixes and porridges for parrots are safe?

Grain mixes for parrots

the Basis forages make grain mixes for parrots on the basis of a millet of various grades, a canary seed and oats. Also mix can include sesame, a flax seed, a hempy seed, a seed nougat Abyssinian, sunflower, meadow herbs.
Fried sunflower seeds of sunflower cannot be used at all! It is fraught with a lethal outcome.
the Parrot always has to have access to a forage. More than a day without food they do not maintain.
Porridge and Photos, Grain for Parrots
On a photo: grain mixes for parrots
Pet-shops offer
a wide choice of grain mixes both for wavy popugaychik, and for more exotic pets. Remember that the structure of forages for different parrots differs, everything depends on the size of a bird and on her native habitat.
Be convinced by
upon purchase that packing with a forage is not damaged and the expiration date did not leave. Before treating the feathery friend, examine grain: there should not be foreign impurity.

of Kashi for parrots

Porridge is also useful to parrots. It is a source of a number of minerals, but also, helps to normalize the broken metabolism.
The Parrot Eats Grain
cook Porridge for parrots only on water, salt and sugar do not add.
Some owners cook porridges for parrots from several types of grain, others prefer simple porridges from porridge, buckwheat or brown rice.
Can be added to porridge for parrots bean or polished vegetables or fruit.
Porridge for parrots can be friable or viscous.

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