• Jun 14, 2018

Holmogorsky geese – one of the first breeds removed in Russia. They were received as a result of crossing of the Arzamas and Chinese breeds of geese. It is considered that the well-known geese swans from the Russian fairy tales are geese of holmogorsky breed, besides typical goose character, in them there is also a swan greatness. To be convinced of it, it is enough to read the description of this breed.

Holmogorsky geese: the description of breed, cultivation on a farmstead Holmogorsky geese are very popular
, many poultry breeders breed them

Appearance and character

Geese of this breed have the extended flexible neck which gives them similarity to swans, the big head and a strong curved beak. the Beak and paws at these geese of saturated orange-red color . On the 3rd year of life at them on a forehead the big cone, and on a neck – a fold of skin which is called a purse is formed.

At Kholmogorov dense plumage of white or gray color. A trunk at them large, with two folds of fat on a stomach and with a broad convex chest. These birds are quickly fattened that makes them by an excellent source of meat. The adult goose can weigh up to 10 kg, and the goose usually reaches weight in 7.5 kg. Representatives of this breed can even sometimes gain weight in 12 kg.

Holmogorsky geese: the description of breed, cultivation on a farmstead
U Kholmogorov dense plumage of white or gray color
Should noting

that holmogorsky geese live groups and need constant communication with each other. The quiet and balanced character allows them to adjoin to other poultry. Characteristic of these geese would not be full without mention of the fact that it is possible to breed them in any region of Russia. They quickly and easily get used to climate. They live long – up to 17 years.

Maintenance and feeding

First of all it is worth knowing what has to be a gusyatnik. It is the best of all to build him of a tree. Holmogora are not afraid of cold therefore do not need a thick laying. It is necessary to put for them on a wooden floor a straw layer. You should not use sawdust because the goose can try to peck them, and it will do harm to his health.

It is necessary to change a laying periodically. It is required to control that in a lodge there was no draft: holmogorsky geese have good health, but all the same can catch a cold if their dwelling is constantly blown.

When the gusyatnik will be equipped, it is impossible to forget that geese of this breed love free space. It is recommended to make a lodge big and to fence off in the yard a lawn for birds. The area for walking has to be at least in 5 times more of a gusyatnik. Still the small artificial reservoir or at least the pool with water is necessary for them if there is no lake nearby.

The diet of holmogorsky geese has to be various and balanced, otherwise they will not gain weight. Surely it is necessary to feed them with grain, a dry feed, a silo and serum, not to forget also about vegetables. These birds eat cabbage, swede, beet, pumpkin and potatoes with pleasure. Vegetables need to be crushed, but to watch that geese did not eat the sprouted potatoes: they can die from it. In the summer of a bird will eat also a grass during walking.

Cultivation of gooses

Holmogorsky gooses lay only from 20 to 50 eggs a year, but they are very careful brood hens. It is required to watch that to a goose it was warm, otherwise there is a risk not to receive healthy baby birds.

When gooses will hatch, it is necessary to transplant them in a box with a high side. As soon as they dry, it is possible to begin to feed them. the First 3 days of baby birds should feed from 5 to 7 times a day. as a forage during this period to them suits shredded grain and the crushed boiled eggs. It is necessary to give to drink to them fresh clear water. Gooses to whom month was executed are fed already only by 4 times a day. It is gradually necessary to enter milk and cottage cheese, fish meal and whitebaits into their diet.

Holmogorsky geese: the description of breed, cultivation on a farmstead

Indoors in which keep kids it has to be warm also light. The first 7 days of life of gooses need to be lit round the clock. it is important to to remember, that the baby bird will not be able independently to rise if falls on a back. In such situation he will choke therefore it is required to watch gooses until their pads got stronger yet.

In 7 days after hatching of gooses it is possible to bring to the street, but provided that street temperature suits them. For gooses to whom only a week from a sort, it has to be not below +22 °C. In hot days they have to be near water.

Mortality among gooses very low, but it is all the same necessary to know distinctive features of healthy individuals. It is worth remembering that healthy baby birds mobile and active, they have a good appetite, brilliant dense down and a smooth stomach with the closed umbilical cord. The slackness, bald spots on sides and a back, roughness on a stomach are signs that at a baby bird of a problem with health.

Knowing the description of this breed, it is possible to understand why these geese are so popular. It is easy to support them, they quickly gain weight, long live, seldom are ill, well get on with other poultry. It is recommended to watch a diet of the pets, to equip with it the cozy and spacious dwelling that they felt comfortable.

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