• Sep 18, 2019
the Cage is a house for a popugaychik. And often the bird should carry out the most part of life there. Therefore you should approach the cage equipment responsibly. How to equip a cage for a parrot? "Living wage": feeding trough, drinking bowl, poles, kupalka and toys.

the Important component of the equipment of a cage for a parrot — a pole. The condition of pads of your pet depends on their choice. Poles have to be different in diameter and be located at the different height that the birdie when turns, did not touch cage rods with a tail and could wave wings, jumping from one pole on another. Plastic poles will not approach, they have to be wooden.
 Ara in a photo cage
On a photo: a parrot in a cage

As a rule, feeding troughs are included in "the basic package" of a cage. However be convinced that them a little (at least, two). Feeding troughs strongly are fixed that the parrot did not dump them.

Should equip a cage for a parrot with a drinking bowl. As a drinking bowl it is better to use an autodrinking bowl: it is the most hygienic, the garbage does not get to it therefore clear water. But you remember that some birds are afraid of a similar drinking bowl, and it is difficult to some to master it. If you doubt, use a usual feeding trough instead of a drinking bowl. The bird has to have continuous access to water.

affects quantity of toys a number of factors:
  • the cage Sizes (it should not be blocked up).
  • Playground: if it is, then more than 2 toys will not be located.
  • the Amount of time which is carried out by a parrot in a cage: the more time the bird is locked up, the toys are necessary more.
  • How long at you there lives a pet. If he lodged in your house recently, you should not overload a cage with toys, otherwise they will distract a bird, and she will not seek for contact.
  • Personal preferences of a parrot.
the Size of a kupalka is directly proportional to the size of a parrot. However depth has to be small that the bird did not choke.
 the Parrot in a photo cage
On a photo: a parrot in a cage

Is remarkable if the cage for a parrot is equipped with a lattice which separates a pallet from the lodge. In this case filler can be any, convenient to you: sawdust, newspaper, sand, paper. If the parrot has access to a pallet, then special mineral sands or white paper will be the best option.

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