• Feb 13, 2019

Parrots – playful and naughty creations. Hozyain for them is a member of pack with whom they want to communicate and play. If to hand to the feathery pet a toy and to leave one, then both the popugaychik, and its owner loses pleasure. There is a set of games which the parrot and the person can play together.

Here some of them.

We Play with a Parrot or how Cheerfully to Spend Time with the Feathery Friend


Hozyain needs to repeat after a parrot of his movement and sounds. If he chirps or whistles, then to try to reproduce something similar. If hollows a beak on a piece of wood, then to knock in the same way. If waves wings or the head, then to copy these gestures. Hands at the same time act as wings. When the popugaychik understands that it is a game in repetitions, the owner can do the first something, and the feathery pet – to repeat. It is desirable to understand a little a bird's sign language accidentally not to represent something unfriendly. The self-assured parrot can peck in reply.

the Kind of this entertainment – winking. Hozyain winks at a popugaychik, the popugaychik winks in reply. Some pets adore this game.

Other option – dances to the sound of music. It is necessary to include the rhythmical song, to sing along and to dance not too vigorously. Parrots usually love music and begin to move and chirp.

of the Game with a string

Tie a bead or a button to the ends of a string. At the same time it is necessary to exclude the probability that the pet will tear off it and will swallow. The string is taken for one end and swing it that the free bead dangled before a popugaychik. He will try to seize her or to push away.

Still option: to put the bead tied to a string near a parrot. Holding a string for other end, to slowly remove it. The bead will creep away, and the popugaychik behind it to run.

Other entertainment: to put a string so that the attached bead lay near a popugaychik. When he seizes her, to slightly pull a string on itself(himself). The feathery participant will begin to pull it in the party. He has to win, certainly.


Take toys which the pet already knows, and play together with him: ring a hand bell, crack a rattle, rotate castors.
Still option: in the face of a parrot break off the big sheet of paper on small pieces. Offer the intrigued birdie a new leaf that she did the same. After it precisely you should not leave notebooks and magazines in free access.

Other entertainment: to put in an open box small objects which can interest a popugaychik – small rattles, balls, soft toys. Among them it is possible to hide several tasty nutlets. Put a box on a floor and together with the feathery friend study its contents. At the same time comment on "unexpected" finds, express surprise and delight.

of the Game in a ball

Put a plastic ball on a plain surface and push it to a parrot. He will kick in reply him with a pad or the head.
Throw a soft ball so that it landed sideways from a popugaychik. It will catch a toy and to throw back.

Other option: show to a parrot a soft toy, and then throw somewhere far away. The curious birdie will go behind her and can even bring back.

We Play with a Parrot or how Cheerfully to Spend Time with the Feathery Friend

Change of roles: the parrot throws things, and the owner brings them back. This fascinating occupation especially to liking to wavy popugaychik. They throw off small objects from a table, the owner lifts them, returns into place, and everything repeats. If things at the same time rustle or jingle, then for a birdie it is full delight. Some love that the person was quick to grasp the falling objects. It is possible to catch them in a plastic cup that there was more noise.

the Game in coins

Take a handful of the washed-up coins, scatter on a table, begin to display and move. It intrigues inquisitive birds, and they arrive to participate. It is possible to use also other easy objects, especially if they rustle or ring. It is important that the birdie could not swallow them.


Hozyain hides and calls the pet by name. As the hint looks out because of the shelter, tells "ku-ka" and again hides. Or rings a hand bell. As he hides not too well, the birdie always finds him.

Simpler option: the owner covers the head with a big towel, then raises it, looks at a parrot, tells "ku-ka" and again disappears. Some parrots approach after that and try to put away a towel. Rejoice when the owner "is".

for the aid to the beginning players

It is necessary for the majority of joint entertainments that the parrot was not afraid of the owner. The more he trusts the person, the more cheerfully to spend time with it.

Popugaychik can understand rules of the game not at once. He can be also not ready to play today, but to change the mind tomorrow. It makes sense to repeat attempts several times, however to avoid excessive importunity.

At parrots different tastes. What is pleasant to one, absolutely not necessarily it will be pleasant to another. It is desirable to observe the pet, to pay attention to what attracts it. It is so possible to find out what games to it to liking.

To irritation – not the place in joint entertainments. Popugaychiki – sensitive natures, and manifestation of discontent can fight off them desire to play.

We Play with a Parrot or how Cheerfully to Spend Time with the Feathery Friend

Playing with a parrot, it is not necessary to be silent. It is better to talk to him, to praise, express delight, to laugh. It shows what owner friendly and cheerful, and inspires a birdie.


Joint games – one of the best gifts which the pet can make. Playing with a parrot, the owner makes him happy. And for the person it can become cheerful entertainment and a source of good mood.

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