• Jan 14, 2020

Kashtanovoloby macaw (Ara severus)







 the macaw scare on a photo tree

On a photo: kashtanovoloby macaw. Photo: wikimedia.org

Appearance and description of kashtanovoloby macaw

The Kashtanovoloby macaw is a small long-tailed parrot with a length of body about 50 cm and weighing about 390 g. Both sexes of kashtanovoloby macaws are painted equally. Main coloring of a body green. Forehead and podklyuvya brown-black, nape blue. Swing feathers in wings blue, shoulders red. Tail feathers red-brown, blue on the ends. Around eyes the big neoperenny site of skin of a white color with wrinkles and separate plumelets of brown color. The beak is black, paws gray. Yellow iris.
Life expectancy of kashtanovoloby macaw at due leaving – more than 30 years.

 Parrot kashtanovoloby macaw close up of a photo On a photo: kashtanovoloby macaw. Photo: wikimedia.org

the Area of dwelling and life in the nature of kashtanovoloby macaw

A look the kashtanovoloby macaw lives in Brazil, Bolivia, Panama and also are introduced into the USA (Florida).
the Look lives at the height up to 1500 meters above sea level. Meets in the secondary and cleaned forest, forest edges and the open area separate trees. Besides the look can be met in low-lying damp forests, the marsh woods, palm groves, savannas.
In a diet of kashtanovoloby macaw different types of seeds, pulp of fruit, berries, nuts, flowers and escapes. Sometimes visit agricultural plantations.
Usually kashtanovoloby macaw behaves quite quietly therefore it is difficult to notice them. Meet in couples or in small packs.

 kashtanovoloby macaws on a tree parrots of a photo On a photo: kashtanovoloby macaw. Photo: of flickr.com

Reproduction of kashtanovoloby macaw

The nested season of kashtanovoloby macaw in Colombia falls on March – May, in Panama for February – March, in other places for September – December. Kashtanovoloby macaws usually at big height nest in cavities and hollows of dead trees. Sometimes nest colonies.

In a laying of kashtanovoloby macaw usually 2 – 3 eggs which are hatched by a female within 24 — 26 days.

Baby birds of kashtanovoloby macaw leave a nest at the age of about 12 weeks. About a month more they are fed up by parents.

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