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 three parrots of a korell
Korella or nimafa Nymphicus hollandicus
Group Popugayeobrazny
Family Cockatoo
Rod Korella


Korella treat average parrots and about 33 cm and weight up to 100 гр have body length. A tail concerning a body long (about 16 cm), on the head a cop. Around cheeks orange spots. Beak of the average size. Gray paws. The sexual dimorphism is peculiar to birds, males and females of a standard color can be distinguished externally on a color. Only the polovozrely bird age of a year can be distinguished on a color.
How to distinguish parrots of a korell of a different floor?

 parrots of a korell a collage
If it concerns a "wild" color and some other, then on reaching puberty, the male and a female have a different color. The main color of a body of a male gray and olive, on the head is available a bright yellow mask and a cop. Swing and steering feathers black. Yellow-white shoulder. Females are painted more modestly. The color is brown-gray, the mask on the head washed away and is hardly visible. Orange spots on cheeks dim. On inside of swing feathers there are oval spots. However this way of sex determination will not be suitable for such colors as an albino, white, lyutino, motley and other colors.

How still to define a sex at a parrot of a korella? To a polovozrelost it is possible to try to define a sex on behavior. Males are usually more inquisitive and active, often knock a beak on a pole and other objects, whistle and put wings a heart. Females are more phlegmatic, sounds which they make not difficult.

 two parrots of a korell sit on a pole


Korella are quite numerous in the wild nature and live practically across all Australia, preferring semi-droughty regions. Also they can be met on the open area, in thickets of acacias, on coast of the rivers, in savannas, along roads, in agrolandscapes, in gardens and parks. The birds living in the north wander in search of food constantly, and those who live in the south treat seasonal nomads.
the Basis of a diet make seeds of an acacia and wild cereal herbs. Also can eat kidneys, flowers and nectar of eucalyptuses, sometimes include in a diet of small invertebrate animals. Drink usually, landing on water, doing a drink and right there flying up.


The season of reproduction is necessary in the north for April — July, in the south for August — September. For nesting choose cavities or hollows in old trees. The bottom is covered with the chewed shaving, deepening the nested camera to the necessary sizes. The female lays 3 — 7 oblong eggs. It is remarkable that both partners hatch a laying, serially replacing each other. They can sometimes divide amount of eggs and hatch them at the same time. Eggs are incubated about 21 days. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of weeks.


Keeping of a parrot of a korell in house conditions quite simple, these birds will suit even to the beginner. These are quite quiet and peaceful parrots. How many do parrots of a korell live? At due leaving and the correct contents these birds will please you with the presence up to 20 years. One of the most important criteria of maintenance of this look is selection of the correct cage. The more it will be, the better. Minimum cages of 45х45х60 cm of the size. The interval between rods has to be no more than 2.3 cm. If the interval is more, the bird will be able to push the head between rods and to be traumatized or even to die.

The cage has to be located in the light room, without drafts and not under direct sunshine. Place a cage far away from heating devices as dry air perniciously affects health of birds. On height it is desirable to put a cage at the level of the breast that the bird felt safe and was not nervous at approach of the person.

 the parrot of a korell ruffled up in a cage

In a cage poles with bark from the resolved breeds of trees have to be established. Poles have to be the corresponding diameter (2.5 — 3 cm). Out of a cage it is possible to place the game stand with toys, ropes, koposhilka. However if there is no such opportunity, it is possible to place toys and in a cage, however it is not necessary to litter a cage and to deprive a bird so of space necessary to it, all has to be moderately. In a cage, in addition, there have to be feeding troughs, a drinking bowl, it is good if you find the kupalka suitable by the size.

Care of a parrot корелл will not bring upon you a lot of trouble — timely hygiene and healthy nutrition — guarantee of health. Let out a parrot from a cage more often, give the chance to move more. The parrot of a korell in house conditions is unpretentious and quickly gets used to the person.

How to tame a parrot of a korell?
it is better for img src=" /upload/temp-content/uploads/posts/2017-11/1511785116_korella2.jpg to Begin with

domestication not right after you brought a bird to the house. The parrot will have a stress from change of a situation, a forage. Birds can fight about a cage at your sharp movements and approach. After the room of a bird in a cage, behave quietly, you do not rustle, do not wave a hand, all movements have to be smooth, a voice quiet and silent. The parrot needs time to get used. At first he can just sit on a pole and does not move, is not, he can have a liquid dung. Provided that you bought a healthy bird, it is normal process, it is called adaptation.

 parrots of a korell in a cage

After the bird accustomed a little and began to eat, every time approaching a cage, talk to a bird, tell her name. After a while, approaching a cage, for a while you bring a hand to a cage, talking to a bird. When the parrot gets used to these manipulations, put a hand on a cage. After the bird gets used to see your hands and will cease to be afraid of them, it is possible to begin to offer a bird delicacy from fingers through rods. Use cones of a Senegalese millet. If the bird took delicacy, you on a right way. Opening of a door and the offer of delicacy from a palm will be the following step.

 the parrot of a korell reads the book

All this time needs to be spoken gently with a parrot, aggression you will achieve nothing. You will be patient, process of domestication can be quite long. Throughout domestication, do not let out a bird from a cage. In the course of domestication, it is possible to train a bird to imitate your speech. However the parrot of a korell says, unfortunately, not so much and accurately as it would be desirable. The lexicon at them is very modest — 15-20 words. However these parrots not bad repeat melodies and various sounds.


The grain forage has to make a basis of a diet. In its structure there have to be a canary seed, a millet, a small amount of oats and sunflower. Offer birds germinated cereals, green forages, a branch forage. Do not forget about the vegetables and fruit resolved for birds. In a cage there have to be sources of minerals and calcium — large mineral mix, chalk, sepia.


Korella quite not bad remove posterity in house conditions. Besides, for selectors here quite extensive field of activity. For cultivation it is necessary to pick up couple of heterosexual birds age not less than 18 months. How to determine the age of a parrot of a korell? There are several councils. For a start examine a bird — if she has a ring on a paw, year of birth has to be so specified. Usually at an adult bird a skin on paws more dark, but it can be seen only in comparison. Color of a beak at young birds also lighter, a cop at young birds also not such magnificent, in it is less than feathers. Eyes at young birds more dark, than at adults. All this is quite difficult if you have no experience therefore it is better to buy a bird for cultivation from the checked manufacturers or in nursery where birds are girdled one-piece rings, and you can be precisely sure of age of a parrot.

Except age, pay attention to health and condition of birds, they have to be moderately well-fed and not to be relatives. If couple developed, time to prepare birds came. Diversify with it a diet, it is more than soft forages, germinated cereals, animal protein, greens and fruit, let's them fly and bathe much. Increase light day. After 2 weeks and such preparation, suspend a lodge. It has to be with the minimum sizes of 30х35х30 cm, a letok of 8 cm. In a lodge there have to be sawdust or shaving of deciduous breeds of trees.

 korella sit in a lodge

After wrecking of the first egg, from a diet it is necessary to remove forages of animal origin and again to add at birth of the firstborn. Both parents will hatch a laying, do not disturb them, otherwise they can throw eggs. Observe that partners did not show aggression on the relation to each other and to baby birds, otherwise it can end is deplorable. After baby birds leave a lodge and will become independent, it is better to transplant them from parents.

 scare a korell yellow I so, after all, why the parrot of a korell will become the fine choice for the beginning fan? It is an unpretentious and quiet bird who is capable to training. Korella are not aggressive to other species of parrots, they can be supported together with other types in the conditions of the spacious open-air cage. They are not really loud and demand the minimum conditions of keeping. However, you remember that these birds are subject to a stress, all actions have to be smooth as there were cases that birds perished from sharp sounds or suddenly turned on light, at them heart just stopped. Be attentive to their health, and they will long please you.

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