• Jan 14, 2020
 krasnokryly parrot of the Photo: a krasnokryly parrot in the wild nature

the Krasnokryly parrot (Aprosmictus erythropterus)






Krasnokryly parrots


the Long-tailed parrot has body length to 35 cm and weight up to 210 гр. Main color of a body bright green. At males the head green, a back black-green, shoulders bright red, a tail and swing feathers of wings dark green. A beak from carrot-orange to the red, small size. Gray paws. The color of females differs a little — it more dim, on swing feathers of wings red bordering, the lower part a back and a nadkhvostya blue.

the Look includes 3 subspecies differing in elements of coloring and an area of dwelling. Can form couples with the Royal parrot and give prolific posterity.

makes Life expectancy of these parrots at due leaving up to 30 — 50 years.


the Look lives in east, northern and northeast parts of Australia and also on the island Papua New Guinea. The look is enough многочисленен. Live at the height about 600 meters above sea level in subtropical and semi-droughty regions. Lodge in thickets of eucalyptuses on coast of the rivers, in akatsiyevy groves and savannas, do not disdain also agricultural grounds. Usually meet small packs up to 15 individuals, as a rule at the end of a reproduction season. Usually they are shumna and are quite noticeable.

Eat small seeds of plants, fruit, flowers and insects. In mangrove thickets try to discover mistletoe seeds.

the Nested period begins in the north in April. In the south it falls on August — February.

of the Bird nest at the height about 11 meters, preferring emptiness in eucalyptus trees. The female lays from 3 to 6 eggs in a nest and hatches them about 21 days. Baby birds leave a nest at the age of 5 — 6 weeks and some time stick to parents, and those feed up them.


of These birds for a long time contain in house conditions, they rather large, bright, quite not bad breed in bondage. Unfortunately, on sale of these birds it is possible to meet infrequently. These are quite long-living parrots. It is only possible to carry to minuses that it is necessary to support these birds in big spacious open-air cages (to 4 meters) as birds need continuous flights. In the open-air cage poles with bark of the necessary diameter have to be established. They not bad get on with other proportional types, but during the marriage period can be aggressive. Are not bad tamed, can sit down on a hand or a shoulder, to take delicacy from fingers and from a palm. Possess quite pleasant voice. Abilities to imitation are quite modest.
 a krasnokryly parrot in a cage of the Photo: a krasnokryly parrot — contents in a cage


For a krasnokryly parrot will be suitable grain mix for the Australian parrots. In structure there has to be a ribbon grass, oats, a carthamus, hemp, a Senegalese millet. Seeds of sunflower need to be limited as they are quite fat. In a diet there have to be germinated cereals, beans, lentil, corn, green forages (a mangold, salad, a dandelion, a wood louse). From vegetables — carrots, a vegetable marrow, green beans and peas. From fruit — apples, banana, pomegranate and others. Also in a diet there have to be a berry and nuts — black fox, peanut, a filbert. Do not forget also about sources of calcium and minerals — sepia, chalk and mineral mix. Offer birds a branch forage.


of Puberty of a bird reach not earlier than 3 years, birds have to be healthy also after a molt. Before chicken farming it is necessary to prepare — to increase light day till 15 o'clock and to include in a diet of a forage of animal origin. The nested lodge has to be 30х30х150 cm and letky 10 cm. Birds have to be some as during cultivation they are quite aggressive in the open-air cage. Marriage dance is peculiar to these birds — the male usually brings to a female various objects (for example, stones) and bowing puts them before a female. On a bottom of a nested lodge sawdust or shaving are located with a layer of 7 cm. Baby birds perelinivat in adult plumage within 2 years.

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